Utah Legislature Archive

Legislative Session Begins with Optimism

The 2012 session of the Utah legislature will feature a lot of familiar issues, as lawmakers once again tackle the state budget

Democratic Party Cuts Check for Redistricting GRAMA Request

The Utah Democratic Party decided Monday to deliver a check to the Legislative Records Committee instead of fighting over the $5,000 fee

Democrats Unveil Plan to Inrease Per Pupil Spending

Democratic state lawmakers say they’ve found a way to increase per-pupil spending in education without raising taxes, while tackling issues like class

Politics Up Close: 2012 Legislative Session Starts Monday

Monday marks the start of the 2012 session of the Utah Legislature. So far, it seems all sides agree that education funding

Leading Business Group Backs Statewide Nondiscrimination Law

Utah’s largest business association, the Salt Lake Chamber, is calling on Utahns to make “big decisions” as the 2012 legislative session begins

Lawmaker Hopes to Help Protect Condo Owners

Help could be on the way for frustrated condo owners across the state, one lawmaker believes. A leading Democratic state representative is

Poll Shows Education is Priority for Utah Voters

Utah residents say education should be the state’s number one priority during the 2012 legislative session, according to an annual statewide poll

Politics Up Close: Liljenquist Takes on Hatch for U.S. Senate

Despite 36 years in the Senate, Republican Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is far from invincible this election year. He might have gotten

Review Shows DCFS Standards Falling

Utah’s Division of Child and Family Services is coming under sharp review by several members of the Utah Legislature. Yesterday, the Child

Soon-to-Be GOP Senator Focuses on Transparency, Public Education

The newest lawmaker to join the Utah Senate is no stranger to GOP politics in the state. This week, former Utah Republican

Amendment Wouldn’t Require State Lawmakers to Live in Their Own Districts

Boundaries won’t play such a role for state representatives and senators running for office if voters pass an amendment one state lawmaker

Holly Richardson Resigns From House of Representatives

There will be many new faces in the Utah Legislature when the session starts later this month. Friday Utah County’s Holly Richardson

Lawmakers Gear Up To Restructure State Liquor Business

With the 2012 legislative session drawing closer, Utah lawmakers are pushing up their sleeves to tackle the state’s liquor troubles. The Democrat-led

Legislative Proposal Would Mean Higher Medicaid Co-Pays for Smokers

Smoking could cost poorer Utah residents more for their healthcare. Republican Representative Paul Ray is introducing a bill in the upcoming legislative

Bill Aims to Regulate Payday Lender Litigation

A Democratic state lawmaker is targeting payday lenders with a bill that aims to outlaw their ability to choose where to take

Lawmaker Aims to Do Away With Daylight Saving Time

Another state lawmaker is pushing to eliminate daylight saving time in Utah. Republican Representative Jim Nielson of Bountiful has introduced a bill

Democrats Call on House GOP to Prove They’ll Focus on Education

The Utah Democratic party is asking Republicans to prove they’ll put public education at the top of the list this year. The

House Republicans Discuss Plans For 2012 Legislative Session

With the 2012 legislative session quickly approaching, Republican members of the House of Representatives met yesterday to discuss their priorities for the

David Clark Resigns From Utah Legislature

Big changes are coming to the Utah legislature in 2012. Monday, former House Speaker David Clark formally announced his resignation from

Politics Up Close: Mayor Candidate & State Senator Ben McAdams

State Senator Ben McAdams has been a rising star in the Utah Democratic Party. The senior adviser to Salt Lake City Mayor

Politics Up Close: Sumsion Runs for Governor, Mayor Ralph Becker

Republican Utah Governor Gary Herbert now has some competition as he runs for re-election in 2012. After serving three terms in the

Politics Up Close: Pete Ashdown Makes 2nd Bid for U.S. Senate

Internet entrepreneur Pete Ashdown is once again venturing into politics. The founder and CEO of Salt Lake City-based Internet service provider XMission

Audit Shows Utah Higher Ed Behind Other States in Graduation Rates

A new audit calls on Utah’s higher education system to increase graduation rates, discourage students from taking excess courses and increase college

Governor’s Office Encouraged by New Revenue Figures

New budget figures released today by the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget look like good news for public education funding. Ron

Congressional Ad Says “Send S.W.A.T. to Clear Congress”

New online ads for Republican Representative Carl Wimmer’s Congressional campaign highlight his experience as a law enforcement officer, urging voters to “Send

Politics Up Close: Higher Education and Teacher Compensation Reforms

The economic downturn has certainly taken its toll on higher education in Utah. Utah Valley University says it could have taken thousands

Herbert: Southern Utah Pipeline Shouldn’t Be Paid for by Entire State

While the Utah Legislature’s Water Issues Task Force recommended earmarking 15 percent of future sales tax growth to fund the controversial Lake

Lieutenant Guv, Task Force Recommend Ways to Preserve Farming in Utah

Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell is calling for the creation of new laws and policies to protect and enhance agriculture in the state

Report Recommends Allowing Private Liquor Sales Next to Grocery Stores

The state could be making a lot more money from liquor sales, consultants told Utah lawmakers on Wednesday. Bob Springmeyer, President of

Lawmaker Proposes Returning State to Shorter Firework Season

It could be out with the new and in with the old when it comes to Utah’s fireworks laws. Wednesday, the