Utah Legislature Archive

Legislation to Overhaul DEQ Boards Headed to House Floor

A bill that makes adjustments to Utah’s environmental boards passed through committee yesterday, despite wide concern from opponents who fear the public

Lawmakers Reject Second Attempt to Ban Academic Tenure

A strike at lifelong employment for college professors failed to pass the House Education Committee Wednesday. Republican Representative Chris Herrod's second attempt

State Lawmakers Worried About UTA Debt

State lawmakers are looking for a silver lining in the Utah Transit Authority's mounting debt dilemma. A legislative audit revealed in January

Bill Adopts Latest Residential Building Codes

One state lawmaker’s attempt to bring Utah's residential building codes up to date hasn’t been assigned a committee hearing, despite widespread support

House Advances Unemployment Benefits for Military Spouses

A bill aimed at providing more support to military families who are transferred out of state passed unanimously out of the House

Proposal Would Exempt Active Duty Service Members from Property Taxes

A proposal to exempt military personnel from paying state property taxes while on active duty got broad support in a House committee

Senate Okays Cell Phone Ban for Underage Drivers

Legislation that would ban teenagers from talking on a cell phone while driving got the support of the Utah Senate today. But

Antidiscrimination Bill Fails to Move out of Committee

An attempt to get a statewide anti-discrimination law for the LGBT community on the books came closer than ever to becoming reality

Committee Shuts Down Plan to End Daylight Savings Time

Utah residents will still be changing their clocks twice a year. Friday, the House Judiciary Committee killed a bill that would have

Bill Would Create Incentive for Hiring Homeless Employees

Employers would get rewarded for hiring the homeless, under a bill being proposed this legislative session. Thursday, lawmakers in the House Revenue

Politics Up Close: Crockett Runs for Mayor, Medicaid in Utah

Salt Lake County can be better managed for less. That’s the message of former county councilman Mark Crockett, who’s now hoping to

Group Calls on State Lawmakers to Stop Wasting Money on Illegal Immigration Reform

A government records request filed by the activist group United for Social Justice reveals the state has spent more than $85,000 defending

Bill Restricts Use of Tanning Beds by Utah Teenagers

The use of tanning beds by Utah residents under 18 years old would be severely restricted under a bill sponsored by Democratic

Senate Approves Bill to Reduce Class Size

Utah lawmakers are putting more effort into reducing class sizes in public schools, with a bill that would cap them in kindergarten

Anti-Graffiti Bill That Inspired Hacking Rejected by Senate

Utah Senators have changed their minds about a bill that would make it easier for police to arrest someone for graffiti, rejecting

Mandatory Divorce Education Bill Clears Committee

One lawmaker says he wants Utah residents to be more aware of what their options are if they decide to get a

Proposed Payday Lender Regulation Rejected

One new proposed regulation for payday lenders in Utah won’t be passed out of the legislature this year. This morning, lawmakers voted

Controversial Anti-Graffiti Bill Moves Forward

A bill that sparked retribution from hackers on the Salt Lake City Police Department's website moved forward in the Utah Senate today

Bill Aims to Eliminate Gender Bias in Custody Fights

A bill that would essentially give fathers a greater chance of achieving custody of their children in a divorce passed out of

Lawmakers Disturbed by Lack of Funding for Mortgage Fraud Prosecution

A Democratic state lawmaker is taking the legislature to task for giving money to the Utah Attorney General’s office to sue the

Legislation Would Allow Eminent Domain Action for Oil and Gas-related Roads

Property owners in Utah could be forced to sell their land for new energy-related purposes if a proposed bill makes it out

Legislation Creates Pilot Program for College/Career Counselors

Getting students more help with their college and career plans is the focus of one Democratic state lawmaker. A bill proposed by

Politics Up Close: John Swallow running for AG, SL Chamber 2012 Priorities

As Chief Deputy Utah Attorney General, Republican John Swallow has battled against the federal government on issues like health care reform and

Air Quality Task Force Bill Gains Momentum

Although Utah leaders frequently participate in efforts like the Clean Air Challenge, 2012 looks to be the year the Utah Legislature could

Senate Looks to Protect Voters’ Email Addresses

Registered voters in Utah may no longer have to worry their email addresses will be made public when registering to vote, if

Legislators Discuss Cutting Down on Fireworks

After a one year trial period, it appears Utah residents could be in for a quieter July. Tuesday, the legislature’s House Business

Bill Would Create Emergency Contact Database

The Division of Motor Vehicles and Utah Highway Patrol are behind one representative’s push to make it easier for law enforcement to

Legislative Session Begins with Optimism

The 2012 session of the Utah legislature will feature a lot of familiar issues, as lawmakers once again tackle the state budget

Democratic Party Cuts Check for Redistricting GRAMA Request

The Utah Democratic Party decided Monday to deliver a check to the Legislative Records Committee instead of fighting over the $5,000 fee

Democrats Unveil Plan to Inrease Per Pupil Spending

Democratic state lawmakers say they’ve found a way to increase per-pupil spending in education without raising taxes, while tackling issues like class