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Ned Wolf signs THE NANDIA TRILOGY @ Weller Book Works
Aug 19 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Ned Wolf signs THE NANDIA TRILOGY @ Weller Book Works |  |  |

Join us Sunday, August 19, as Ned Wolf is in store, signing THE NANDIA TRILOGY!

There was a time in humankind’s future when the species populated planets within many galaxies. Some societies had evolved to the point where a few individuals were capable of telepathy, teleportation and effective healing. On these planets, the nurturing of individual talents and abilities was given the highest priority. These were societies where effective healing was commonplace — where the human lifespan usually exceeded three centuries.

And yet, most planets had not evolved in this manner. In these societies warfare was the religion. Much of their propaganda was devoted to idealizing war. Addiction rates were at epidemic level — mental, emotional and physical epidemics a way of life. Environmental degradation was the norm, species extinction rates were high. Education had devolved into preaching superstition and greed. Economies were based on competition, not cooperation. The divide between the haves and the have nots was extreme. Most of the civilizations on these planets self-destructed.

It was the purpose of the Galactic Grand Council to locate and train competent individuals to serve as delegates to these troubled planets. Their mission? To intervene during the vulnerable years when a society was most likely to self-destruct. The Council had neither military might, nor could impose economic sanctions. What it did have was a small cadre of dedicated delegates. Some of these unusual people died during their missions. A few of them were able to inspire civilizations to trust in the power of the individual and embrace life-sustaining lifestyles.

The Nandia Trilogy recounts the intriguing adventures of an extraordinary team of these Council delegates…

The Nandia Trilogy consists of NANDIA’S COPPER, NANDIA’S APPARITION, and NANDIA’S CHILDREN, and author Ned Wolf will be here, signing ALL THREE!

The Quills Conference @ University Marriott
Aug 23 @ 8:00 am – Aug 25 @ 10:00 pm
The Quills Conference @ University Marriott |  |  |

The Quills Conference is an intermountain west professional writer’s weekend. Come learn from industry professionals what you need to be successful in writing and publishing. This two-day event is packed with presentations on poetry, prose, and screenwriting as well as marketing, and publishing. The University Marriott will host this year’s event which includes keynote speakers Tim Dorsey and Maria V. Snyder.

Pitch to agents from Inkwell Literary and Nelson Literary and acquisition editors from publisherssuch as Omnium Gatherum, Crooked Lane, North Star Editions (Flux and Jolly Fish Press imprints), Shadow Mountain, Big World Network, Immortal Works, and The Wild Rose Press. The Quills Conference is also a great place to network with out of town authors like J.H. Moncrieff, Maxwell Alexander Drake, James A. Hunter, and Aaron Michael Ritchie. Local authors abound with appearances by Lisa Mangum, Lance Larsen, Charlie N. Holmberg, Megan Ashley, Johnny Worthen, Blake Casselman, and Bryan Young. Don’t miss your chance to learn from these amazing people!

Whether you’re interested in learning craft on fiction, screenwriting, non-fiction, or poetry, networking with authors, or landing an agent, the Quills Conference has it all! Join us August 24thand 25th, with a special prequel on the 23rd.

The prestigious Quill Awards will be announced at the Saturday Awards Banquet.

Since 1935, The League of Utah Writers has been a nonprofit organization supporting aspiring writers of all ages, styles, and experience. It offers outreach, education, contests, conferences, classes, and other events. With more than two dozen chapters throughout Utah, from Logan to St. George, it is the state’s oldest and largest writing community.

LeaderLuncheon @ The Grand America Hotel
Sep 7 @ 11:30 am – 2:00 pm
LeaderLuncheon @ The Grand America Hotel |  |  |

LeaderLuncheon is YWCA Utah’s signature annual event. This year, YWCA Utah will honor remarkable women with Outstanding Achievement Awards, and we are pleased to present Piper Kerman as keynote speaker. All proceeds from LeaderLuncheon support YWCA programs and services: creating safety and a hopeful future for vulnerable women and their families; encouraging young children to learn and grow; nurturing women’s leadership in all spheres of life; advocating for racial justice and civil rights; and offering a distinctive public policy voice on behalf of all Utah women and girls.

The 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipients

Sheryl Allen

Mary Beckerle

Patricia Christensen

Cristina Flores

Yasmen Simonian

Paula Green Johnson

Welcoming Keynote Piper Kerman

Best-selling author of the memoir of Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison and social justice advocate.

Frederic Block reads and signs RACE TO JUDGMENT at WBW! @ Weller Book Works
Sep 14 @ 7:00 pm
Frederic Block reads and signs RACE TO JUDGMENT at WBW! @ Weller Book Works |  |  |

On September 14, WBW welcomes Judge Frederic Block for a reading and signing of RACE TO JUDGMENT!

RACE TO JUDGMENT is a “reality-fiction” debut novel loosely based on a number of high-profile cases handled by its author, a federal trial court judge, over his 23 years on the federal bench in Brooklyn—such as the Crown Heights riots and the Peter Gotti trial. It tracks the rise of the fictional African-American civil rights protagonist Ken Williams (in real life, the recently deceased Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson) from his days as an Assistant United States Attorney through his meteoric rise to unseat the long-term, corrupt Brooklyn DA because of a spate of phony convictions against black defendants, including another one of the judge’s real cases (JoJo Jones in the book) for the murder of a Hasidic rabbi. Williams’ dramatic courtroom antics (with the aid of his colorful private eye) results in JoJo’s exoneration after 16 years behind bars. In addition, Williams defends a young black guidance counselor accused of killing the rabbi’s son many years ago, and champions the cause of a young Hasidic woman raped by her father. As a hobby, Williams plays jazz piano and writes country songs—written by the author—which are reproduced in the book.

Judge Frederic Block was appointed United States District Judge for the Eastern District of New York on September 29, 1994, and entered duty on October 31, 1994. He assumed senior status on September 1, 2005. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University in 1956, and an LL.B. Degree from Cornell Law School in 1959.

During his twenty-three years on the bench, Judge Block has presided over a number of high-profile cases, including the trials of former Bear Stearns hedge fund managers Ralph Cioffi and Matthew Tannin, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, Peter Gotti, Lemrick Nelson and nightclub magnate Peter Gatien.

He regularly sits by designation on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Block recently authored the best-selling book entitled DISROBED: An Inside Look at the Life and Work of a Federal Trial Judge. He also co-authored the 1985 off-Broadway musical Professionally Speaking (music and lyrics). He has likewise published articles on a variety of legal topics, including Tales of an “Active” Senior Judge, ABA Litigation Journal, Spring 2011; Reflections on Guns and Jury Nullification – And Judicial Nullification, The Champion, July 2009; Senior Status: An “Active” Senior Judge Corrects Some Common Misunderstandings, 92 Cornell L. Rev. 533 (2007); and Civil Liberties during National Emergencies: The Interactions between the Three Branches of Government in Coping with Past and Current Threats to the Nation’s Security, 29 N.Y.U. Rev. L. & Soc. Change 459 (2005). He was also a contributing author for Perspectives on 9/11 (Yassin El-Ayouty ed., 2004), and for the New York State Bar Association’s textbook Federal Civil Practice. In 2007, he penned a New York Times op-ed addressing the financial burdens of death penalty prosecutions.

Part of the Utah Humanities Book Festival

Books and Bridges at WBW: Nathan Devir @ Weller Book Works
Sep 20 @ 6:30 pm
Books and Bridges at WBW: Nathan Devir @ Weller Book Works |  |  |

It’s our next Books and Bridges event! On September 20, WBW welcomes Nathan Devir and his presentation “Strained Boundaries: Exclusivism versus Pluralism in the Literature of Chaim Potok”.

The award-winning novelist and rabbi Chaim Potok often referred to himself as a zwischenmensch (Yiddish: an “in-between person”) with respect to his own religious and social identity; and the characters that populate his novels also exhibit this same existential malaise. Finding Orthodox Judaism too restrictive, and secular American culture too permissive, they are unable to belong wholeheartedly to either milieu. This lecture by University of Utah Jewish Studies professor Nathan Devir will use Potok’s literary works to showcase what it means to be an “in-between person” in modern society, regardless of one’s particular faith group, especially when the loyalty to that group often proves difficult to reconcile with the freedom to explore one’s own personal spiritual and artistic visions allowed for in secular culture.

This event is organized by Books & Bridges — a community institute of ideas and conversation. Our mission is to facilitate discussion on the best of human thought. We explore the wisdoms of the world and apply them to modern life. We have no political, religious, or ideological affiliation. In a society divided by uncivil discourse, the beauty of the humanities—novels, history, philosophy, poetry, ethics, and epics—lifts us to our better angels. In our busy world we need space for friends and fellow learners to do a little more heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind.

Part of the Utah Humanities Book Festival

Kathy Kirkpatrick reads and signs AMERICAN POW CAMPS IN ARIZONA AND UTAH at WBW! @ Weller Book Works
Sep 22 @ 7:00 pm
Kathy Kirkpatrick reads and signs AMERICAN POW CAMPS IN ARIZONA AND UTAH at WBW! @ Weller Book Works |  |  |

Join us as we welcome back Kathy Kirkpatrick for a reading and signing of her newest, AMERICAN PRISONER OF WAR CAMPS IN ARIZONA AND NEVADA!

AMERICAN PRISONER OF WAR CAMPS IN ARIZONA AND NEVADA describes the impact of the large number of prisoners of war on the populations of Arizona and Nevada, as well as the impact of the people of Arizona and Nevada on those imprisoned there. Providing detail on the care and employment of prisoners of war according to the Geneva Convention of 1929, the lives of POWs in these states are illustrated, along with the details of camp locations in Arizona and Nevada and the deaths and burials that occurred among them. Some prisoner names are included, as well as references to source materials at various repositories. Historical photographs serve to provide depth to the story.

KATHY KIRKPATRICK has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, and has authored Basic Genealogy, The Descendants of Timothy Meeker, Italian Prisoners of War in the Continental US on 31 March 1945, Prisoners of War in Utah During World War II, Sicily, American Prisoner of War Camps in Idaho and Utah, and Prisoner of War Camps Across America. She has delivered lectures on “WWII POWs in America,” “WWII Enemy Aliens in America,” and “Proving the Jewish Heritage of a Catholic Sicilian Family,” and provided research for Italian Emigrants, Italian Emigrants by Tina Bochicchio Woetzel, Sinatra, The Life by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan, and II Giuramento by Dino Maurizio Parri.

The reading will be followed by a signing.

Part of the Utah Humanities Book Festival

Deeton Charles reads and signs MEMOIRS OF A FALLEN ANGEL at WBW! @ Weller Book Works
Sep 27 @ 6:30 pm
Deeton Charles reads and signs MEMOIRS OF A FALLEN ANGEL at WBW! @ Weller Book Works |  |  |

On September 27, WBW hosts a reading and signing with Deeton Charles and MEMOIRS OF A FALLEN ANGEL!

Angela is one of 10 daughters of two fallen Angels who came to Earth to keep a war from erupting in Heaven over a forbidden affair. Her tribe comes in contact accidentally with Adam and Eve’s tribe of eight sons. Hidden secrets come to light regarding the Angel clan and Angela fights to save her family from an evil that seeks to control Earth and all its inhabitants. Angela is asked by God to complete a mission that is crucial to the salvation of Humanity and bring back the balance that was lost when the Angel war erupted on Earth. She must find Cain, for he alone has the power to restore free will and agency on the suffering planet. But Cain has fallen in with the legion of the damned and is aiding them in their war against the Rainbow tribe of human Angels. Angela must overcome vampires, demons, fallen angels, and evil humans to restore the balance among the seven tribes of humanity, as well as the five original human clans, who now have blended with the Angel tribe and carry unique abilities. This provocative theory crosses Christianity and Paganism exploring a story that throws light upon many legendary myths, folklores, Superstitions and beliefs regarding Angels, Demons, Vampires, Shape-shifters, Werewolves, Witches, Fortune Tellers, Psychics, Mind Readers, Gods, Goddesses, Mother Earth, and the missing link, Heaven and Hell. Memoirs of a Fallen Angel is a thought provoking and engaging theory about the Human Origins on Earth.

Deeton Charles has been creative writing since she was a young child. Participating in her Junior High Newspaper and Journalism staff, as well as writing for talent shows, and literary contests while growing up. Deeton has used her talent for written expression to reach out and bring light upon current events, human issues, and awareness of diversity, mental illness, abuse, addiction, disabilities, and the overall human condition. She has used her abilities to promote unity, solidarity, compassion, and humanity to the masses. Deeton is lover of all Creation she is culturally diverse and has spent many years assisting with the healing of humanity, as well as Earth and its inhabitants. She has spent most of her adult life as a Horticulturist, designing gardens, landscapes, and floral arrangements. She has also been successful as a performing artist, singer, and model. Showing that no matter your age, size, shape, or choice of self expression that you can make your dreams flourish and accomplish your goals. She has a flair for life, and hunger for knowledge, this Novel is her first publication and was inspired by her desire to empower and unite humanity. By finding a way to tell a story that encompasses many cultural myths, religions, and beliefs, she hopes to bring people together from all walks of life for one exciting experience.