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Political Cornflakes: Rep. Stewart on Where to Send Secret Service Agents

(KCPW News) Utah Rep. Chris Stewart had some tough criticism this week of the Secret Service. What did he suggest the agency do with the two agents who allegedly drove drunk into a White House barricade? KCPW’s Roger McDonough posed that and other questions to Thomas Burr, Washington Correspondent for the Salt Lake Tribune and […]

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Better Utah Legislative Update – Day 43

(KCPW News) Alliance for a Better Utah Executive Director Maryann Martindale speaks with KCPW’s Roger McDonough about home-stretch lawmaking. Some major measures – including Medicaid Expansion plans – are still pending, with just two days remaining in this year’s meeting of Utah lawmakers.

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An Overhaul for Salt Lake’s Parking Meters

Today on the show we hear from Salt Lake City Transportation Director Robin Hutcheson about an overhaul of how paid parking works around the city. We’ll also hear about her work on transit initiatives (namely the Hive Pass) and more.

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Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 70 (3/5/15)

From the Speakers office on Capitol Hill Natalie, Jim, and Chris Bleak (filling in for Greg Hughes), discuss the LGBT nondiscrimination agreement with LDS Church leaders, “Healthy Utah” (SB164) vs. “Utah Cares” (HB446), remembering Deedee Corradini, more ‘Count My Vote’ tinkering, and campaign contributions.

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Better Utah Legislative Update – Day 38

(KCPW News) During their conversation today, KCPW’s Roger McDonough and Alliance for a Better Utah’s Maryann Martindale discuss the rejection of Governor Gary Herbert’s Healthy Utah plan (and the status of an alternative plan). Plus unusual allies band together to craft a joint non-discrimination and religious liberty bill.

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