From its politics to its public lands to polygamy, Utah has always been fertile ground for news.
Here on KCPW, The Salt Lake Tribune presents a fresh way for Utahns to process the headlines. Behind the Headlines, a live weekly broadcast, examines the week’s top local stories through the eyes of reporters on the beat.

headshot2013Salt Lake Tribune reporter Jennifer Napier-Pearce and a rotating panel of the state’s top journalists – including columnist Paul Rolly, Washington correspondent Matt Canham, Trib reporter Kathy Stephenson and others – will talk about what’s happening in the Beehive State along with the hows and whys.

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Behind the Headlines: LGBT protesters get probation, GOP considers screening candidates, Marsden retires (04/24/15)

GOP leaders consider a plan to screen and pick candidates rather than use the state’s new nominating process. Ten of the group of LGBT activists called the “Capitol 13″ get probation. Thesage grouse stays off the endangered-species list. And coach Greg Marsden announces his retirement after 40 years building the University of Utah’s top-ranked gymnastics […]

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Behind the Headlines: Dabakis out, Bangerter remembered, uranium plan on hold (4/17/15)

Political allies and opponents fondly remember former Gov. Norm Bangerter, who died Tuesday. State officials hit the pause button for public comment on a plan to bury depleted uranium in Tooele County. And Sen. Jim Dabakis abandons a short bid for Salt Lake City mayor. On Friday at 9 a.m., Tribune reporters Robert Gehrke, Matt […]

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Behind the Headlines: Dabakis enters, Becker goofs, Clara protests, Greenwald warns (04/10/15)

State Sen. Jim Dabakis throws his hat into the Salt Lake City mayor’s race while current Mayor Ralph Becker misfires on a half-way house proposal. Salt Lake City school board members get dramatic over treatment of minority students. And journalist Glenn Greenwald tells University of Utah audience about National Security Agency activities and privacy concerns. […]

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Behind the Headlines: Prez visit, Lovell sentencing, Herbert vetoes and more (04/03/15)

President Barack Obama makes his first trip to Utah as commander in chief. A Utah jury, again, sentences a rapist-killer to be executed. Salt Lake City unveils plans for a bold redevelopment project. Gov. Gary Herbert signs hundreds of bills but vetoes more than he ever has. And transgender Mormons grapple with their identity and […]

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Behind the Headlines: Firing squads return, Stericyle could burn more, Dabakis may run, Google is coming to SLC (03/27/15)

Firing squads return as an option for inmates on Utah’s Death Row. Stericycle plans to burn even more medical waste at a proposed Tooele County plant. State Superintendent Brad Smith apologizes for negative comment about teachers. Sen. Jim Dabakis, D-Salt Lake City, mulls a runfor Salt Lake City Mayor. And Google welcomes Salt Lake City […]

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