From its politics to its public lands to polygamy, Utah has always been fertile ground for news.
Here on KCPW, The Salt Lake Tribune presents a fresh way for Utahns to process the headlines. Behind the Headlines, a live weekly broadcast, examines the week’s top local stories through the eyes of reporters on the beat.

headshot2013Salt Lake Tribune reporter Jennifer Napier-Pearce and a rotating panel of the state’s top journalists – including columnist Paul Rolly, Washington correspondent Matt Canham, Trib reporter Kathy Stephenson and others – will talk about what’s happening in the Beehive State along with the hows and whys.

Listeners can join the discussion by sending questions to #TribTalk on Twitter, Google+, commenting on or calling (801) 355-TALK. Behind the Headlines airs Fridays from 9-10 a.m. and Sundays at 8 a.m. on KCPW. Streaming audio is available as well as podcasts on both and

Behind the Headlines: Healthy Utah, partisan school boards, Zion Curtain and the homeless shelter

Lawmakers analyze Medicaid alternatives Healthy Utah and Sen. Allen Christensen’s so-called Vulnerable Utah plan. Utah’s Congressional delegation brings a small government message to Capitol Hill. One legislator tries to tear down the Zion Curtain again while a bill to make school boards partisan gains support. And the Pioneer Park Coalition loses a key voice. Tribune […]

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Behind the Headlines: Healthy Utah, religious liberties/anti-bias bill, Dehlin excommunication and Tim Lawson (02/13/15)

The Healthy Utah plan gets compared to the “Frail Utah” plan. Lawmakers unveil a first draft of a combined religious liberties-nondiscrimination bill. The LDS Church expels “Mormon Stories” podcaster John Dehlin. And former Mark Shurtleff “fixer” Tim Lawson threatens to sue the federal government for harassment. On Friday at 9 a.m., Tribune health reporter Kristen […]

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Behind the Headlines: Pollution and pregnancy, suing the feds and the definition of rape (02/06/15)

Doctors are divided about the health consequences of breathing dirty air for pregnant women and their babies. Rep. Brian Greene questions whether or not sex with an unconscious partnerwithin a marriage constitutes rape. A bill that would set a timetable for the state to sue the feds over public land control clears a Senate committee. […]

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Behind the Headlines: LGBT rights and religious freedom, legislative update, Sundance (1/30/15)

The LDS Church pushes for laws that protect both LGBT rights and religious freedom. Gov. Gary Herbert asks the legislature to boost funding for education and embrace his Medicaid substitute proposal. And Sundance brings out the stars. On Friday at 9 a.m., Tribune religion writer Peggy Fletcher Stack, senior political reporter Robert Gehrke, movie critic Sean […]

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Behind the Headlines: Romney, Matheson, Lockhart and police civilian review boards (01/23/15)

Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney explores a third run for the White House. Salt Lake City opens up police civilian review board reports to public view. Former Rep. Jim Mathesontakes a job at a lobbying firm. And thousands pay tribute to former Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart. On Friday at 9 a.m., Tribune editorial […]

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