On Friday mornings, this weekly segment explores the weirder side of the news.

Episode 5: Utah is the Grocery Bagging/T-Shirt Hoarding Capital of the World

(2/21/2014) A Utah mom single-handedly takes a PacSun store into record-sales territory, a South Carolina woman is jailed for failing to upgrade to DVDs, and a Utah native is the best in the world at putting stuff in bags. It’s a Ryan’s Birthday Extravaganza.

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Episode 4: Love, Bacon Style

(2/14/2014) A local orangutan helps Kara win $50, a Valentine’s Day date costs $99,300, and everything tastes like bacon now. Plus, adorable cat news.

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Episode 3: Deadly Snakes, Cows, and Soap

(1/31/2014) This week, it’s all about things that can harm us: cows and their gasses, ninja-snakes at casinos, and explosive bars of soap.

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Episode 2: Mixed Couples Toilet Dancing in Sochi

(1/24/2013) Host Ryan Cunningham and guest-host Shelley Carpenter talk tandem toilets, criminal over-sharing on Facebook, and other news that really wasn’t worth reporting this week.

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Episode 1: A Candid Discussion with the Inversion

In this episode: The natural partnership between cats and felons. World leaders hurting themselves. The increasingly accurate mile marker signs of the Colorado highway system. Plus an exclusive interview with Salt Lake City’s inversion.

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