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Hosted by Jason Mathis from the Downtown Alliance, ‘Downtown SLC’ is a half hour, weekly show that discusses the people, the places and the events that help to shape Utah’s urban center. Tune into KCPW Thursday mornings at 10am to keep up to date with all things downtown!

UMOCA’s Kristian Anderson Talks Contemporary Art in SLC

Today on the program host Jason Mathis speaks with Kristian Anderson, Executive Director of UMOCA – the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. They look at the influence of contemporary art in Salt Lake City, and about what’s in the works at UMOCA.

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New Utah Film Center Executive Director Elizabeth Nebeker

Salt Lake City is a hub for independent film. Opportunities abound for locals to get exposed to a wide range of film – from documentaries to dramatic features and beyond. Today on Downtown SLC host Jason Mathis speaks with Elizabeth Nebeker, the new executive director of the Utah Film Center, to hear about how her […]

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Salt Lake City Selected as 8th Google Fiber City

Today on Downtown SLC, host Jason Mathis speaks with Devon Baer, Associate City Manager with Google Fiber. Google announced this week that Salt Lake City made the cut, and will become the next location for the internet giant’s high-speed, fiber-optic internet service. How long will the roll-out take, and what does the service entail? Those […]

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SL County Data Innovation Director Fraser Nelson on Homelessness

Despite major gains in addressing chronic homelessness in our community, problems persist. Today on the show, host Jason Mathis speaks with Fraser Nelson – who was recently hired on as Director of Data Innovation with Salt Lake County. They’ll take a close look at what’s been done and what remains to be done to address […]

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An Overhaul for Salt Lake’s Parking Meters

Today on the show we hear from Salt Lake City Transportation Director Robin Hutcheson about an overhaul of how paid parking works around the city. We’ll also hear about her work on transit initiatives (namely the Hive Pass) and more.

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