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Hosted by Jason Mathis from the Downtown Alliance, ‘Downtown SLC’ is a new half hour show that discusses the people, the places and the events that help to shape Utah’s urban center. Tune into KCPW Thursday mornings at 10am to keep up to date with all things downtown!

Governor Gary Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan at the Legislature

Today on the show, host Jason Mathis is joined by the American Cancer Society’s Brooke Carlisle to talk about Healthy Utah, Gov. Gary Herbert’s medicaid expansion alternative. In particular, they’ll look at the effect implementing Healthy Utah would have on residents of downtown Salt Lake City?

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Michael Mack VP of Services at Visit Salt Lake on Convention Business

Today on the show we’ll speak with Michael Mack, Vice President of Services at Visit Salt Lake, about a major economic driver in downtown Salt Lake City: Conventions. Michael is also a prominent local blogger, and we’ll get his take on the latest and greatest in our urban center.

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Squatters Co-founder Peter Cole on Salt Lake Brewing and where it’s Headed

Today on Downtown SLC host Jason Mathis sits down with Peter Cole, Co-founder of Squatters Craft Beers, to talk about the history of the company, about the Salt Lake brewing scene, and about what the future might hold for beer in Utah’s capitol.

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SLC Deputy Chief of Staff Jill Remington Love on Homelessness

Today we look at the mayor’s commission to evaluate homeless service facilities. Host Jason Mathis is joined by Jill Remington Love, a former Salt Lake City council member and current deputy chief of staff to mayor Ralph Becker to learn more.

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Legislative Preview with Downtown Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck

Utah’s Legislative Session kicks off on Monday. Today we’re joined by Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck to get a preview of the session, about the legacy of late House Speaker Becky Lockhart, and to look in depth at the issues affecting downtown Salt Lake City at the legislature.

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