Monthly Archive:: July 2011

Teachers Rally in Salt Lake City

Dozens of teachers rallied outside the Salt Lake City Main Library Friday, calling on state lawmakers to show them more respect and

Tape Surfaces of Mark Hofmann Scamming Church Officials

A Provo bookstore owner and collector has come across new developments in the 25-year-old Mark Hofmann case. Hofmann is serving a life

Politics Up Close: House Minority Leader David Litvack

In a special session last week, the Utah Legislature weighed in on the current debt ceiling crisis by passing another resolution urging

Becoming a Teacher Without a Teaching Degree

If you think you need a teaching degree to begin working in a Utah classroom, the State Office of Education says think

New DABC Chairman Leads First Commission Meeting

The new chairman of the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s commission says he doesn’t plan to lead any differently then Sam

Utah’s Credit Rating Might Not Fall with Federal Default

Utah’s AAA bond rating may not be affected if the federal government defaults on its bills. Senator Lyle Hillyard, co-chair of the

McCain Berates Tea Party Senators, Like Lee

Utah Senator Mike Lee and other Tea Party Republicans pushing a balanced budget amendment during the debt ceiling crisis got a verbal

New System Takes Anonymous Crime Tips via Text, Mobile Apps

Utah’s attorney general and law enforcement agencies across the state have introduced a new tool for solving crimes. TipSoft is an anonymous

SL County Redistricting Commission Holds Open House Thursday

While Utah lawmakers are in charge of re-drawing their own legislative boundaries, an independent commission has been tasked with that job for

Legislature Wraps Up Community Redistricting Hearings

For many weeks now, lawmakers on the Utah Legislature’s Redistricting Committee have gotten an earful from communities across the state about how