Monthly Archive:: December 2011

Utah’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center Prepares For Influx of Veterans as U.S. Leaves Iraq

As thousands of U.S. troops begin to leave Iraq the process of helping them heal begins here at home. Utah’s Veterans Affairs

Lawmaker Aims to Do Away With Daylight Saving Time

Another state lawmaker is pushing to eliminate daylight saving time in Utah. Republican Representative Jim Nielson of Bountiful has introduced a bill

Utah Family Reflects on Fallen Son as U.S. Pulls Out of Iraq

Nearly nine years after the U.S. began placing more troops in Iraq, the President announced last week that the war there is

Democrats Call on House GOP to Prove They’ll Focus on Education

The Utah Democratic party is asking Republicans to prove they’ll put public education at the top of the list this year. The

CityViews 12/22/11: One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

Segment 1: Over 80 years ago, Gus Weller opened a second-hand bookstore in downtown Salt Lake City and it evolved into full-service

Deseret News Announces New Editors, Publisher

The President and CEO of the Deseret News is once again making big changes to the state’s oldest daily paper. Clark Gilbert

House Republicans Discuss Plans For 2012 Legislative Session

With the 2012 legislative session quickly approaching, Republican members of the House of Representatives met yesterday to discuss their priorities for the

DWR Ramps Up Poaching Patrols

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is ramping up patrols this winter in an effort to stop poachers from killing deer out-of-season.

HUD Renews Funding for Homeless Programs in Utah

U.S. Housing and Urban Development announced today it would renew funding for homeless programs across the nation, including more than $5 million

2012 Gubernatorial Race Could Soon Get a Democrat

Utah’s 2012 gubernatorial race could soon get its first Democratic candidate. Peter Cooke, a retired army general and businessman, says he is