One Last Drive to Close out 2017!

As we head into KCPW’s mini year-end drive tomorrow to kick off one last needed effort, we’d like to remind you of what this station means to you and ask for your generosity once again this holiday season.

Listeners tell us of being inspired by what they hear, of their appreciation for a diversity of ideas and for civil dialogue, and of their reliance on trusted news and information to expand their understanding.

This December, besides meeting the last of our operating budget, we also have some increasingly pressing station needs to start addressing. The station’s network server bit the dust last month; and our mid-2000s computers, turn-of-the-century software, and some of our studio equipment are also nearing the end of their lives. We’ll always make the best of what we’ve got, of course; but we’d appreciate your generosity as your partnership makes everything that happens at KCPW possible.

So please, join us for this last drive of the year, and keep this good thing going!

Thank you!

– Lauren, Emily, Roger, Jesse, Maureen and Steve (the staff of KCPW)