2020 Fall New Member Challenge!

YOU make this possible!

KCPW is a member-supported, nonprofit, local public radio service — and right now 300 new members are needed to help keep it that way!

The costs of doing business are high: in addition to facilities, infrastructure, and power, we also pay for the programs we air. All told, it costs over $1,500 a day to operate the station. That’s why support from KCPW’s listeners is so important. There are other funding models, but then, well, it wouldn’t be independent public radio.

Right now the Stephen G and Susan E Denkers Family Foundation is helping KCPW find the support they need with the “$10,000 New Member Challenge”! Take part by becoming one of the 300 new members needed with your contribution. It only takes two minutes, and you can do it online. Or call Jesse Fruhwirth, KCPW’s membership coordinator, at (801) 359-5279 x211.

Thank you!