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Ballot Ready 2018: Proposition 2 – the Medical Marijuana Initiative

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — With election day approaching, the Hinckley Institute has been hosting a series of forums called “Ballot Ready 2018.”

Fostering entrepreneurship at the U with Troy D’Ambrosio

Troy D’Ambrosio, executive director of the University of Utah Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and assistant dean at the David Eccles School of Business,

Opioid Truths, Myths, and Breakthroughs: Connecting Communities to Solutions

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — A few weeks ago, the Hinckley Institute held a panel discussion on the current state of

Serial entrepreneur: Jeff Burningham

The Bottom Line – Jeff Burningham, co-founder and managing director of Peak Capital Partners & Peak Ventures, discusses the value of investing in

Campaign Finance Reform

Today on the program: a panel discussion held last week at the Hinckley Institute focusing on the role of money in politics

Shawn Bercuson: a self-proclaimed “startup junkie”

There’s an oft-cited statistic that can put fear into the hearts of entrepreneurs–that 90% of startups end in failure. However, data from

What Is the Future of the Iran Nuclear Deal?

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — Rick Wayman, deputy director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, discusses the future of the Iran nuclear deal,

Ivanti: The Power of Unified IT

The Bottom Line – Steve Daly, President and CEO of Ivanti, one of the largest tech companies in Utah.  Ivanti employs roughly 2,000 people

Civility in Politics: Why Has Civility in Politics Declined?

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Original Air date: May 2, 2018) — Earlier this year, the Hinckley Institute hosted Part 1 of a 2-Part panel discussion

100 Cures in 10 Years with Recursion Pharmaceuticals

The Bottom Line – Chris Gibson, Co-Founder and CEO of Recursion Pharmaceuticals.  You may have heard of Recursion Pharmaceuticals in the media for its