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Examining Utah’s Urban-Rural Divide

The Hinckley Institute of Politics recently hosted a panel addressing the Utah Rural-Urban Divide with students of the Honors College Praxis Lab

Enriching Utah’s Classrooms Through Play

The Bottom Line – (Original Air date: November 17, 2017) Playworks originated in Oakland, CA, as an innovative approach to resolving student discipline

Sharia and Everyday Life: Marriage Iranian Style in Norway

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Re-Air date: April 4, 2018) — Sharia is a set of Muslim religious laws that are practiced

Innovating With Urban Ag

The Bottom Line – (Re-Air date: April 03, 2018) Shawn Peterson’s mobile greenhouse gets lots of attention. In 2011, after he converted the old school bus

How to Bring the Country Together in a Time of Hyperpartisanship

(Air dates: March 28 ~ 31, 2018) — Congressman John K. Delaney is the first announced Democratic candidate for President in the 2020

Utah Refugees and Entrepreneurship

The Bottom Line – (Re-Air date: March 27, 2018) Refugees arrive in Utah escaping political, religious or ethnic persecution. As they settle

Dolores Huerta: A Born Again Feminist

(Air dates: March 21 ~ 24, 2018) — Dolores Huerta is an American Labor leader, civil rights activist, feminist and Mother. She

Crushing It: A Conversation with Skullcandy Founder Rick Alden

The Bottom Line (Re-Air Date: March 20, 2018) – Before Rick Alden built Skullcandy he just wanted to be a professional snowboarder

2018 Legislative Wrap Up

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — Utah state legislators took on many contentious issues this year including homelessness, medical marijuana, transportation, and multiple ballot

Contact Sport: CEO, Brian Bethers on the Battled Rise of 1-800 Contacts

The Bottom Line (Re-Air Date: March 13, 2018) –When two idealistic entrepreneurs – John F. Nichols and Johnathan C. Coon – launched