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“Pride Empathy Line” to Help Utahns Questioning Sexuality

A new, 24-hour hotline is being created to help Utahns who are questioning their sexuality. Melanie Squire, who’s putting the Pride Empathy

Rep. Finds He Doesn’t Live in Own District, But That Could Change

A Republican state lawmaker has abruptly found himself out of a job, after learning he doesn’t actually live in the legislative district

Utah County Loses Lawmaker For Not Living In District

Some voters who live in Utah County now have no lawmaker representing them in the State House of Representatives.

After Arizona Tragedy, Bennett Recalls Direct Threat from Talk Show Host

Former Utah Senator Bob Bennett says everyone should remember that the alleged shooter of an Arizona congresswoman is probably deranged, and shouldn’t

Matheson: Giffords is Bright, Articulate, & Passionate

Utah Congressman Jim Matheson called Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords a good friend of his, following a shooting Saturday that left her in

Politics Up Close: Wilderness Debate

A new federal wilderness policy has stirred passionate debate in Utah. We heard opposing arguments from Peter Metcalf from Black Diamond

Politics Up Close: Expectations for New Congress

We spoke with Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz about his expectations for the new GOP-controlled House.

Politics Up Close: Constitutional Convention?

State Representative David Clark is calling for a constitutional convention, which hasn’t happened since the very first one in 1787. We asked

Chaffetz Looks to Fire Warning Shot On Pension Fund Bailout

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz introduced a House Resolution today opposing a federal bailout for state pension funds. Chaffetz says among all

HHS Warns of Consequences for Utahns if Health Reform Repealed

While Republicans in the House of Representatives announce their plans to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration