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Salt Lake City mayoral race is getting crowded after Mayor Jackie Biskupski announced she will not seek election

More candidates join an already-crowded field after Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski announces she won’t be running for a second term.

KCPW Presents: “Sarah Parcak: Indiana Jones in Space” (3/22/19)

Sarah Parcak, “space archaeologist” and the 2016 TED Prize winner, has used satellite imagery and complex process – which she developed –

The 2019 legislative session in review

Bills at the 2019 Utah legislative session addressed hate crimes, abortion bans, radioactive waste, the alcohol content of store-bought beer, conversion therapy,

KCPW Presents: “2019 NHMU Lecture Series: Duncan Metcalfe – Farming Among the Fremont”(3/15/19)

Hear Duncan Metcalfe present Farming Among the Fremont: Anticipating Tomorrow. The advent and spread of farming was a major milestone in the

A prominent LGBTQ advocate resigned from a state suicide task force after a conversion therapy bill was drastically altered in the legislature

Amendments drastically alter a bill to ban conversion therapy in Utah, leading to the resignation of a prominent LGBTQ advocate from a

KCPW Presents: “2019 NHMU Lecture Series: Svante Pääbo – Archaic Genomics” (3/8/19)

Svante Pääbo was one of Time magazine’s most influential people in 2007 and has been called the father of Paleogenetics. Using the

BYU police department faces decertification after not investigating alleged officer misconduct

BYU’s police department faces decertification after failing to investigate alleged misconduct by one of its officers. A measure that would prevent cities

KCPW Presents: The Hidden World of Girls with Host Tina Fey (3/1/19)

Groundbreaking writer, actress and comedian, Tina Fey comes to Public Radio to host The Hidden World of Girls, two new hour-long Specials

Lawmaker expects Utah hate crimes bill to meet with opposition in Senate

Utah hate crimes bill clears another hurdle, but its sponsor says he expects a fight on the senate floor. Lawmakers unveil a

The Daily Buzz from Sundance: Bonus Episode 2

Our final episode at Slamdance and Sundance Film Festival speaks to THE UNTITLED AMAZING JOHNATHAN DOCUMENTARY producer and founder of, Miranda