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Agree-to-Disagree: Leaving Afghanistan

The Taliban have won. Twenty years after the 2001 invasion, the U.S.-backed government in Kabul has fallen. The Afghan president has fled.

Under Pressure: The college mental health crisis

Even before the pandemic, campus counselling services were reporting a marked uptick in the number of students with anxiety, clinical depression and

Who Wants to Be a Teacher?

Many schools around the country are struggling to find enough teachers. Large numbers of teachers quit after a short time on the

Deluge, drought, anti-maskers and payday lenders

Devastating rainstorms don’t spell an end to Utah’s extreme drought. A Utah County official turns to a Facebook group to drum up

Fading Beacon: Why America is losing international students

This hour explores a sea change in the number of foreign students attending U.S. colleges. Colleges and universities in the United States

Utah’s Olympians, Lake Powell pipeline and Native American boarding schools

A new proposal seeks to provide a conservation-minded alternative to the controversial $1.8 billion Lake Powell pipeline. Members of the Indigenous-led organization

Intelligence Squared Debates: Can Employers and Schools Require Vaccines?

As more and more Americans become vaccinated, schools, employers, and health care facilities are facing a tough decision: Will they require students,

Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates: Changing Your Mind

How do you know that you’re right? Modern business, politics, and even culture, tend to favor strident opinions and decisive action. To

An alleged ‘Back the Blue’ hate crime, a bias settlement and police shootings

Garfield County prosecutors charge a woman with a hate crime for destroying a “Back the Blue” sign. Murray pays $152,000 to settle a lawsuit by a

The Pulse – Destination Mars

Humans have been obsessed with Mars from a distance for thousands of years. At first, maybe it was the fact that Mars