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The future of this year’s ballot initiatives, Utah County voting woes, and more

The dust is settling after the 2018 midterm elections. What does the future hold for the citizen ballot initiatives that passed? Plus,

KCPW Presents: “Climate One – The World On Fire” (9/28/18)

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke. And there is a lot of both these days in the American West Wildfires have always been

KCPW Presents: “Re:sound — The Determination Show” (9/21/18)

This hour, amateur detectives, spiritual revelations and other stories of dogged perseverance. The 27th Amendment By Matt Largey for Pop-Up Magazine and

KCPW Presents: “Changing Landscapes” (9/14/18)

The land and vistas around us tell a story about weather, the seasons, and light, but also about human influence, climate change

KCPW Presents: “The Making of Male Dominance” (9/7/18)

 This one-hour special, co-hosted by John Biewen and Celeste Headlee, goes way beneath the #MeToo headlines to explore questions like: How,

KCPW Presents: “The Working Tapes of Studs Terkel” (8/31/18)

In the early 1970’s, author Studs Terkel went around the country with a reel-to-reel tape recorder interviewing people about their jobs. The

KCPW Presents: “DEBATE: Has Globalization Undermined the American Working Class?” (8/24/18)

Globalization ushered in an era of free trade, fluid borders, and unparalleled corporate profits. For its proponents, the global integration of states

KCPW Presents: “On Thin Ice” (8/17/18)

Water is essential for life – that we know. But the honeycomb lattice that forms when you chill it to zero degrees

Willy Grayeyes returns to the ballot, climate change fans political wildfires, and Mia Love’s misleading mailers

A judge rules that San Juan County Commission candidate Willy Grayeyes be put back on the ballot after an elections official backdated

KCPW Presents: “Backlash: Europe’s Far Right and Muslim Migration”

 Populism is sweeping through Europe and it’s changing the political conversation, especially when it comes to Muslim immigration. In some cases