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CityViews 1/9/12: Peter Sagal on “Wait Wait”

Segment 1: He’s been a playwright, staff writer for a motorcycle magazine and an extra in a Michael Jackson video, but since

CityViews 1/5/12: Wasatch Weather Watch

Segment 1: With temps in the 50s and no snow, it feels more like spring than winter this January. What’s going on

CityViews 1/4/12: A Pioneer Artist

Segment 1: Reuben Kirkham may not be a household name, but he was one of the most important Utah artists of his

CityViews 1/3/12: Changing of the Guard

Segment 1: Kyle LaMalfa defeated a popular incumbent and Charlie Luke emerged the winner after an ugly campaign. Tuesday afternoon, the two

CityViews 12/22/11: One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

Segment 1: Over 80 years ago, Gus Weller opened a second-hand bookstore in downtown Salt Lake City and it evolved into full-service

CityViews 12/21/11: Safety v. Privacy

Segment 1: A middle school administrator in Alpine School District counseled a 14-year-old student to tell his parents that he’s gay, saying

CityViews 12/20/2011: Peace Practicum

Segment 1: It’s said that those who don’t study history are bound to repeat it. Proponents of peace and conflict resolution programs

CityViews 12/19/11: The Air We Breathe

Segment 1: Gray skies during December don’t always mean snow is on the way. Particulate matter from car exhaust, coal power plants

CityViews 12/15/11: To Caucus or Not to Caucus

Segment 1: A simmering debate over how political candidates are nominated in Utah is bubbling over into editorial pages, the blogosphere and now the

CityViews 12/14/11: Going Solar

Segment 1: How can you harness the power of the sun? We’re talking about solar technology and how residents and businesses are