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CityViews 2/29/12: Arun Gandhi/Dr. Brian Greene

  Segment 1: Peace Activist Arun Gandhi Following in his famous grandfather’s footsteps, Arun Gandhi talks about ethical leadership and non-violence to

CityViews 2/28/12: The Softer Side of Capitalism/Creek Crossings

  Segment 1:  The Softer Side of Capitalism You may have missed it, but Monday was International Corporate Philanthropy Day, a day

CityViews 2/27/12: A Reprieve for Immigration Activist/Avalanche Education

Segment 1:  A Reprieve for Immigration Activist  Deyvid Morales, a student at Salt Lake Community College and an undocumented immigrant, found out

CityViews 2/23/12: Taking Medicine to the Streets/Children in Poverty

  Segment 1:  Taking Medicine to the Streets It may seem strange to make a house call to someone who’s homeless, but

CityViews 2/22/12: Women and Getting That Degree/”Seven”

  Segment 1:  Women and Getting That Degree Many women in Utah go to college, but most don’t graduate. According to 2009

CityViews 2/21/12: Lessons from the Cold War/Living the Tech Life

  Segment 1:  Lessons from the Cold War History, according to Frederick Kempe, has been kind to President John Kennedy. After pouring

CityViews 2/16/12: Civility Progress Report

  Segment 1:  Civility Progress Report A year ago, Lt. Gov. Greg Bell, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and a host

CityViews 2/15/12: The Dark Side of Tanning

  Segment 1: We dream of basking in the sun during the winter months, but tanning – say doctors – has a

CityViews 2/14/12: Chocolate 101

  Segment 1: Why do we love chocolate? What makes high-quality chocolate? And what do those percentages mean on the labels of

CityViews 2/13/12: Birth-Father Rights

  Segment 1: What legal rights do birth-fathers have in Utah? A bill working its way through the Utah legislature would tweak