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CityViews 2/9/12: ‘Ready to Fly’

  Segment 1: Growing up, Lindsay Van was told she didn’t have the “right” physique, but that didn’t keep her from becoming

CityViews 2/8/12: Science and Storytelling

Segment 1: Scientists revel in breakthroughs and hard research, but they often have trouble or even a fear of translating the data

CityViews 2/7/12: Sex Ed in Schools

  Segment 1: A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control shows a quarter of teen moms in Utah thought they

CityViews 2/6/12: Olympic Flame Reignites

  Segment 1: It’s been a decade since Salt Lake City realized its Olympic dream, but the memories are alive and well.

CityViews 2/2/12: Preserving ‘Spiral Jetty’

  Segment 1:   Supporters of Robert Smithson’s monumental earthwork are taking a three-pronged approach to preserving the piece. Dia Art Foundation

CityViews 2/1/12: Pershing in the Presidential Suite

Segment 1: In his 35 years at the University of Utah, Dr. David Pershing has published more than 80 peer-reviewed articles, earned

CityViews 1/31/12: Genealogy 3.0

Segment 1: Finding out how many people are on your family tree is becoming much more than compiling a list of names

CityViews 1/30/12: Redefining Autism

  Segment 1:   What is autism? A panel of the American Psychiatric Association is considering a redefinition of the disorder, causing

CityViews 1/26/12: Thupten Jinpa on Religion and Science

Segment 1:    Thupten Jinpa has devoted much of his life to studying Buddhist metaphysics and the power of the mind. He

CityViews 1/25/12: Nuclear Power in Utah?

  The state of Utah has given a green light on water rights to Blue Castle Holdings, which wants to build a