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CityViews 1/24/12: Tattooed Utah

Segment 1: According to a 2010 study by the Pew Research Center, tattoos are something of a “generational badge” for those under

CityViews 1/23/12: Sundance Insider

  Segment 1: Glitter, glamour and the glory of independent film have descended on northern Utah as the Sundance Film Festival gets

CityViews 1/19/12: The Civil Rights Movement in Utah

Segment 1: The call for civil rights may have erupted in the South, but citizens across the country took up the cause

CityViews 1/18/12: Urban Evolution

Segment 1: Take a look at Salt Lake City 100 years ago and it’s a very different place than it is today.

CityViews 1/17/12: Kennecott on Air Quality

Segment 1: In December, a coalition of environmental groups sued Kennecott Utah Copper for alleged violations of the Clean Air Act. The

CityViews 1/16/12: Jian Ghomeshi

Segment 1: KCPW listeners know the Canadian broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi as the engaging host of Q, the CBC’s flagship cultural affairs program.

CityViews 1/12/12: Sleeping With Baby

Segment 1: A case involving a Utah couple accused of killing their infant by sleeping with him brings up all sorts of questions about

CityViews 1/11/12: Seeing is Believing?

Segment 1:   Making superficial snap judgments are part of life, even though we know not to judge a book by its

CityViews 1/10/12: Why Don’t We Vote?

Segment 1: Utahns have a reputation for being good-hearted souls, volunteering and donating organs in record numbers. But that virtue doesn’t extend

CityViews 1/9/12: Peter Sagal on “Wait Wait”

Segment 1: He’s been a playwright, staff writer for a motorcycle magazine and an extra in a Michael Jackson video, but since