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CityViews 12/5/11: Golf Fee Hike in SLC?

Segment 1: Will green fees go up at Salt Lake City’s nine public courses? How would golfers react to higher fees on

CityViews 12/1/11: The State of the Unions in Utah

Segment 1: Collective bargaining is a core value of organized labor, so this year’s attempt to quash those rights in Wisconsin, Ohio

CityViews 11/30/11: Child Porn in Utah

Segment 1: A University of Utah professor is arrested on charges of possessing child pornography. A former school counselor accused of sexually

CityViews 11/29/11: Details of a Ski Link

  Segment 1: The concept of building a tram linking a ski resort in Park City with one in Big Cottonwood Canyon

CityViews 11/28/11: “In Pain We Trust”

Segment 1: When a child gets sick, parents want answers. In Vicki Whiting’s case, she wanted to know why her son Kevin

CityViews 11/22/11: Up or Down on the Arts Center

  Segment 1: The idea of building a Broadway-style theater downtown has been bandied about since the 1960s, but Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph

CityViews 11/21/11: Does Poetry Still Matter?

Segment 1: From Aristotle to Shelley to Frost, humans have strung together words in a lyrical, meaningful way. But in a world

CityViews 11/17/11: Apa Sherpa on Education, Health and Saving the Planet

Segment 1: Mountaineer Apa Sherpa now lives in Draper, but he continues to feel the tug of Mt. Everest in his native

CityViews 11/16/11: HPV for Boys, Too

Segment 1: Last month, a CDC committee recommended that boys as young as age 9 get vaccinated against the human papilloma virus

CityViews 11/15/11: Past Meets Present at Natural History Museum

Segment 1: Dioramas and dinosaur bones are getting a brand new, high-tech home in Salt Lake City’s foothills. After a year-long closure,