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Utah Governor Gary Herbert Takes Oath of Office

Utah Governor Gary Herbert took the oath on office on Monday; saying the state’s best days lie ahead. KCPW’s Jessica Gail was

Utah Senator Wants to End ‘Boxcar’ Bills

Republican South Jordan Senator Aaron Osmond is hoping to bring more transparency to the state Legislature this year by running a bill

Political Cornflakes: Congressman Stewart’s Swearing In

Thursday, the 113th Congress was sworn into session. Among the freshman members is Republican Chris Stewart who represents Utah’s second Congressional District.

Hostess Closure Affecting Thousands of Utah’s Low Income Families

The closing of Hostess Brands continues to affect thousands of Utah residents everyday. Since the company closed its doors, two of the

Matheson Responds to Voting ‘No’ on Fiscal Cliff Bill

Tuesday night, the U.S. House of Representatives gave final approval to a Senate bill that would keep America from going over the

Texting Campaign Aims to Clean Up Salt Lake City’s Air

Studies show Wasatch Front residents are making changes on poor air quality days. Kate Lohnes, Salt Lake City’s Special Programs Manager says

Gateway Mall Spokeswoman Says Traffic is Up; Stores Disagree

Downtown Salt Lake City has changed significantly over the past year. The opening of City Creek brought with it over 100 stores

Political Cornflakes: What do Utah’s Congressional Leaders Think About More Gun Control?

Several members of congress have been outspoken about the need for more gun control in the U.S. in light of last weeks

Utah Lawmaker Will Run ‘Open Carry’ Bill Again

Clearfield Representative Paul Ray wants to give gun owners more freedom. The Republican lawmaker is running a bill in the upcoming legislative

Gun Lovin’ Utah, Why Utahn’s Love Their Guns

Utah residents love their guns. The state has some of the loosest gun laws in the country and is home to