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Monkeypox questions answered — and a personal story (via City Cast Salt Lake)

Today on In the Hive, we piggyback on some coverage provided this week by City Cast Salt Lake on the local spread of

Evan McMullin decries political divisiveness and ‘anti-democracy movement’ in America

Evan McMullin is running as an independent in a bid to oust Republican Sen. Mike Lee this November. He faults the incumbent

Utah’s abortion trigger law, diabetes and COVID in kids, and SLC affordability

Abortion is still legal in Utah after a judge blocked the state’s trigger law from taking effect. Utah doctors are trying to

Great Salt Lake reaches new low point, ecosystem imperiled by salinity ‘tipping point’

The Great Salt Lake has again dropped to a new historic low.   The U.S. Geological Survey and the Utah Division of

University of Utah atmospheric scientist Dr. Kevin Perry on Great Salt Lake Dust risks

“Is this the toxic lake dust?” That’s a question many people in northern Utah are now asking themselves when the air turns

‘Proud Democrat’ Kael Weston says his party was wrong to endorse independent in Senate race

“While I respect what the delegates did, I don’t think it was good for Utah, I don’t think it was good for

Rain barrels for water conservation, and the mystery of the Library Square cowboy

All of Utah is in extreme or exceptional drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. A recent study from UCLA identified the

After Yale ‘F’ grade, Huntsman CEO defends company’s decision to remain in Russia

In the two and a half months since Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, nearly 1,000 companies have curtailed operations in Russia beyond

Ammon Hennacy — the Catholic anarchist who ran SLC’s ‘Joe Hill House’ for the homeless

In the early 1960s, a man named Ammon Hennacy started up a shelter and aid center for homeless people and railroad tramps

Orrin Hatch’s legacy, a family’s ‘horror story’ and a water feud

The Ute Tribe believes a Uinta Basin rancher is “misappropriating” its water, but federal courts aren’t intervening. Almost 20 years after their