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The sordid tale of early Utah grave robber Jean Baptiste

Two years ago, the late, great western historian Will Bagley helped KCPW relate what is perhaps the quintessential Utah Halloween story —

A spotlight on air quality in Utah

On this edition of “In the Hive,” we hear about the plan to cut Utah air pollution in half by 2030. The

The plan for expanding vaccine availability to children ages 5-11 in Utah

A week ago, Pfizer asked the federal government to authorize use of its COVID-19 vaccine in children aged 5-11 and earlier this

The push to renew (and expand) federal compensation for ‘downwinders’

Seventy years ago, the U.S. Government began a series of above-ground atomic and nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) about

Police shootings of minorities, lessons from polio, and Utah’s water use

A Salt Lake Tribune analysis shows Utah police disproportionately shoot at racial and ethnic minorities. Childhood polio survivors say that the unknown long-term

Eighteen months on, where are we in the pandemic?

In March of 2020, “In the Hive,” kicked off a string of conversations with medical experts and researchers about the pandemic. Things

Undercounted school COVID cases, inland port’s rail plan, and trails debate

School coronavirus cases go undercounted as some parents refuse to report to Utah health officials. The Utah Inland Port pursues a new

How climate change is contributing to Western wildfires

(Original air date Sept. 16, 2020) Today on “In the Hive,” the ongoing western wildfire season has challenged the literal meaning of

Killing the death penalty, ‘fixing’ Utah Lake, and Donovan Mitchell vs. Stuart Adams

Utah lawmakers say they’ll try again to abolish capital punishment even as a county prosecutor says he’s already done pursuing the death

Inland Port update: despite unresolved court case, ‘it’s full steam ahead’

Today on In the Hive, an update on the Utah Inland Port — the giant distribution hub slated for Salt Lake City’s