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Effect of Climate Change on Utah Wildfires Debated at Legislature

(KCPW News) Legislation that for the first time would have acknowledged the science of human-caused climate change by the government of the

Minority Leader Wants to Make Cockfighting a Felony in Utah

(KCPW News) Cockfighting will join a list of cruelty to animal felony offenses in Utah, if Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis has

Concurrent Resolution by Lawmakers Endorses Israel

(KCPW News) Republican State Senator Curt Bramble, of Provo, is sponsoring a resolution that supports Israel’s “legal, historical, moral, and God-given right”

Legislation that Would Bar Sex Offenders from School Boards Challenged

(KCPW News) Legislation that would prohibit someone convicted of a sexual offense from serving on local or state school boards was held

Bill to Eliminate Straight Party Ticket Voting Killed in Committee

(KCPW News) A bill that would eliminate Straight Party Voting in Utah failed to pass out of the House Government Operations Committee today,

Utah Democrats Sound Alarm on Education

(KCPW News) Democrats held a press conference at the Capitol on Tuesday decrying the state of education in Utah. The executive committee

Law Would Shrink Age Gap in Statutory Rape Cases

(KCPW News) Legislation that would narrow the age gap for adults and teenagers in statutory rape cases made its way out of

Senate Bill Would Increase Medical Student Levels at University of Utah

(KCPW News) The Utah Senate Education Committee unanimously endorsed a bill that would allocate 10 million dollars of annual funding to the

Group of Utah Moms Seeks Support for Clean Air Pledge

A group of Utah Moms wants state lawmakers to go on record in support of doing something about northern Utah’s poor air

Freshmen Lawmakers Wading into New Responsibilities

Freshmen lawmakers are getting their bearings as the 2013 legislative session kicks off. KCPW spoke with two new members of the legislature