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Drone Warfare and the Law of Armed Conflict

Today unpiloted airplanes – drones, flying virtually unseen miles above the Earth – are common in the skies over Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen,

Talking to Conservatives Effectively about Climate Change

(Air dates: November 22 ~ 25, 2017) — Climate change is among the most politicized and, sadly, polarized scientific issues in recent

Unexpected Minorities in the U.S. Military

(Air dates: November 15 ~ 18, 2017) — In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Hinckley Institute hosted a conversation about “Unexpected Minorities”

Enriching Utah’s Classrooms Through Play

Playworks originated in Oakland, CA, as an innovative approach to resolving student discipline problems and bullying during recess. The idea quickly caught

McKay Coppins: Media in the Age of Trump

(Air dates: November 8 ~ 11, 2017) — McKay Coppins is a political journalist and writer for the Atlantic. He authored the

Innovating With Urban Ag

Shawn Peterson’s mobile greenhouse gets lots of attention. In 2011, after he converted the old school bus into a vehicle for urban

Rohingyan Genocide & Tackling Child Sex Abuse in Bolivia

(Air dates: November 1 ~ 4, 2017) –A few weeks ago, Umar Mohamad Arif, a leader of the Rohingyan community living in Utah

VidAngel: “Not Just a Company, It’s a Movement”

Covering a child’s eyes or ears during a scary or profane movie scene is something many families customarily do. So in 2012

Standing Up For Utah’s Needs

(Air dates: October 25 ~ 28, 2017) — This week members of the Utah Citizens’ Counsel presented their 2017 report: Standing Up

Utah and the Business of Making Movies

Filmmakers have long appreciated Utah’s majestic landscapes for imagining the “old West,” an alien planet, or a neighborhood in “anytown U.S.A.”  Over