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Lawmakers Debate Politics of Direct School-Board Election

Lawmakers in the House Education Committee agreed yesterday Utah voters should be able to directly elect state school board members, but they

Senate Passes Big Changes to Independent Commissions

Utah Senate lawmakers voted today to limit the role of two independent state commissions tasked with reviewing tax policy and constitutional revisions.

Oda Gun Bill Narrowly Passes Committee

All Utahns would be allowed to openly carry a gun near a school, day care or college if a GOP-sponsored bill makes

DABC Braces for Store Closures

Proposed cuts to the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control would close four state liquor and wine stores, six independently-operated package agencies,

Lawmakers Discuss Funding for Public School Libraries

State lawmakers debated how to fund books and other resources in public school libraries Thursday. Librarians said they'd like to see the

Letter-Grading System for Schools Moves on to the Senate

Utah schools might soon get a letter grade based on their students' overall performance on assessment tests. The Senate Education Committee approved

Robles Picks Up GOP Lawmaker to Sponsor Illegal Immigration Bill

A GOP lawmaker will join Democratic State Senator Luz Robles in sponsoring a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to work in

Bill Would Make Employment First Priority for Disability Services

Helping people with disabilities find work is the focus of a bill that moved forward in a House committee. Assistant Majority Whip

Bill Giving Teen Moms Control Over Immunizations Moves Forward

Teenage moms could sign off on their own vaccinations without parental consent, under a bill that cleared the Utah Legislature’s House Health

Another Lawmaker Tries to Ban Smoking in Cars When Kids are Present

For the fifth year in a row, some Utah lawmakers will attempt to ban drivers from smoking with their kids in the