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Budget Rises to Top of Senate Priority List

The budget is at the top of the Utah Senate’s priorities. That’s what Senate Majority Leader said today in a

Lawmakers’ Hands Full this Session with Immigration, State Budget

State lawmakers are up to their knees in immigration-related bills to sift through as the legislative session kicks off today. But with

Examining Local Impact of Wal-Mart Initiative

Wal-Mart has promised to sell healthier food and cheaper produce by 2015 in a new initiative. But will the change have a

Humane Society Criticizes Bill to Legalize Killing Feral Animals

A state lawmaker is sponsoring legislation that would make it legal for anyone to kill a feral animal. Currently, shooting them

Police Department Shuffle Puts More Bike Squads on the Streets

A Salt Lake City Police Department shuffle means more bike squads on the streets looking for trouble. Some worry they might be

Lawmakers Working Cuts Into the Budget Equation

Utah lawmakers are spending several hours today in budget meetings as they prepare for the legislative session, which begins Monday. Republicans foresee

Small Business Owners, Democrats Urge Congress to Rethink Repeal

Small business owners joined Utah Democratic Party leaders yesterday in Salt Lake City to make one last appeal to the lawmakers who

Program Discourages C-sections, Drives Down Cost and Risk

Intermountain Healthcare says the rising number of premature, elective C-sections is costing the nation billions in medical expenses and putting mothers and

Bishop Wary of Defense Cuts

Utah Congressman Rob Bishop says the Pentagon should reconsider slashing the defense budget. Speaking on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, the Republican said he

Bill Frees Up Liquor Licenses to Stimulate the Economy

A Republican state lawmaker will, once again, try to convince the legislature to increase the availability of liquor licenses to restaurants in