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Call for Volunteers!

HELP IS NEEDED NOW THROUGH DECEMBER 8! It’s the last campaign of the year, and with your support, we can close out

A Year-End Gift to Your Community

This station? It’s your local public radio station, and it’s your support that makes KCPW possible. With the last few weeks of

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SLC Mayoral debate focuses on community and environment

On Thursday, October 10, KCPW broadcast a live debate from the auditorium of the downtown library between the candidates running to become

Last Day for the Nonprofit Challenge!

Powering public radio with local nonprofit support! Twelve local non-profits are joining KCPW this Fall Pledge Drive (Sept. 20-28) to help rally

Volunteer for KCPW’s Fall Pledge Drive!

From September 20-28, we’re looking for help with early bird shifts, afternoons, and during Sunday night jazz! Help take pledge calls, stuff

Sponsor a Listener Challenge Grant!

Individuals, businesses, nonprofits, families, clubs… anyone can be a force for local public good! Challenge grants are crucial to raising the funds

Pledge Today for Local, Independent Public Radio

Calling all listeners:  It’s KCPW’s Fall Pledge Drive! If you are a local public radio listener (and if you found us here,

Sen. Mitt Romney in conversation on trade, climate change, and gun laws

Sen. Mitt Romney is home in Utah for the August recess. On Monday he gave a speech at the Sutherland Institute, and

Salt Lake City mayoral primary focusing on environmental issues

On Thursday, August 1st, KCPW aired a primary debate between the eight candidates vying to become mayor of Utah’s capital city. The