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A Special Thank You to KCPW’s Members

Thanks to your contributions, we met KCPW’s end-of-year goal, upholding this quality programming and innovative approach to local public radio. The educational,

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KCPW is your public radio resource and we want to hear your feedback. If you’ve got a suggestion, comment or idea, or

Grateful for the Local Public Radio Community!

Thanks to your dedication, KCPW met the fall goal and added almost 200 new members and more than 40 new volunteers to

Calling All Volunteers!

ACTIVE CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: 2018 Fall Pledge Drive KCPW 88.3 FM is looking for volunteers to help out during the 2018 Fall

Leverage Your Support: Sponsor a Challenge Grant!

Individuals, businesses, nonprofits, families, clubs… anyone can be a force for local public good! Challenge grants are crucial to raising the funds

$10,000 New Member Challenge!

250 New Members this Summer Means a Big Boost for KCPW In celebration of KCPW’s 25th year on air, one of your

Thank you for making public radio possible!

As spring comes to its close, we’d like to acknowledge and thank once again those who sustain this local public radio service.

If you rely on public radio, you know…

…it relies on YOU! Join your fellow listeners working to meet this Spring’s funding goal and keep KCPW going!

“The Daily” debuts on KCPW

Hosted by celebrated journalist Michael Barbaro, the popular podcast produced by The New York Times expanded to include a radio edition, thanks to

KCPW Presents: “BBC Special- Stephen Hawking: Infinite Wisdom” (3/23/18)

Following the death this week of Professor Stephen Hawking, Sue Lawley introduces a special programme looking back at some of the extraordinary