Documentary / Special Broadcasts Archive

KCPW Presents: “Climate One – The World On Fire” (9/28/18)

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke. And there is a lot of both these days in the American West Wildfires have always been

KCPW Presents: “Re:sound — The Determination Show” (9/21/18)

This hour, amateur detectives, spiritual revelations and other stories of dogged perseverance. The 27th Amendment By Matt Largey for Pop-Up Magazine and

KCPW Presents: “Changing Landscapes” (9/14/18)

The land and vistas around us tell a story about weather, the seasons, and light, but also about human influence, climate change

KCPW Presents: “The Making of Male Dominance” (9/7/18)

 This one-hour special, co-hosted by John Biewen and Celeste Headlee, goes way beneath the #MeToo headlines to explore questions like: How,

KCPW Presents: “The Working Tapes of Studs Terkel” (8/31/18)

In the early 1970’s, author Studs Terkel went around the country with a reel-to-reel tape recorder interviewing people about their jobs. The

KCPW Presents: “DEBATE: Has Globalization Undermined the American Working Class?” (8/24/18)

Globalization ushered in an era of free trade, fluid borders, and unparalleled corporate profits. For its proponents, the global integration of states

KCPW Presents: “On Thin Ice” (8/17/18)

Water is essential for life – that we know. But the honeycomb lattice that forms when you chill it to zero degrees

KCPW Presents: “Backlash: Europe’s Far Right and Muslim Migration”

 Populism is sweeping through Europe and it’s changing the political conversation, especially when it comes to Muslim immigration. In some cases

KCPW Presents: “APM Reports: Order 9066”

Order 9066: Japanese American Incarceration in WWII On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, just months after

KCPW Presents : “DEBATE: Trigger Warning: Are Safe Spaces Dangerous?” (7/9/18)

Long hailed as bastions of intellectual development and ground zero for the free and spirited exchange of ideas, today’s universities have come