Project Homeless Connect and tai chi on Library Square

In the Hive — (Original air date: October 12, 2017): Today’s show looks at two programs helping connect people experiencing homelessness with

Salt Lake City streets and moving about town

In the Hive — Today on the show: Salt Lake City has 600 miles of roads, and about 2/3 of them are

Being progressive in conservative Utah

Today on the show: The midterm elections are coming up, and with progressive candidates across the nation winning primaries against Democratic incumbents,

The Poor People’s Campaign in Utah

(Original air date: July 19, 2018) Today on the show: How are poor people faring in Utah? Rev. Monica Hall of Trinity

Free speech on college campuses

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Salt Lake City: Birthplace of The New Yorker magazine and Sherlock Holmes?

Today on the show, guest host Roger McDonough takes a look at some surprising Salt Lake City history. In particular, the strange

Land development and environmental justice

Today on the show: Residents on the West side of Salt Lake County have concerns about how the inland port will affect the

Integrating refugees into the community

(Original air date: May 18, 2018) Today on the show: Aden Batar, Catholic Community Services director of migration and refugee services, talks about how

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski on Operation Rio Grande and Growing SLC

Today on the show: It’s been one year since Operation Rio Grande launched to address crime and homelessness in downtown Salt Lake

Black Lives Matter in Utah

(Original air date: April 26, 2018) Today on the show: looking at the Black Lives Matter movement in Utah. Lex Scott, founder