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Beer to the rescue for Ken Sanders Rare Books!

Today on “In the Hive,” as part of an ongoing effort to save his independent store, bookseller Ken Sanders teamed up with

Did Utah artist Adam Bateman make the (now vanished) ‘monolith?’

Today on “In the Hive,” the mysterious mystery that keeps on mystifying. The obelisk. The stela. The monolith. The object. Just who

How climate change is contributing to Western wildfires

Today on “In the Hive” we look at the wildfires that have been devastating the Western United States this summer. More than

The origin and aftermath of a powerful windstorm

Where did this week’s powerful windstorm come from? What caused it? Just how destructive was it? We hear from a National Weather

The odd-bedfellows coalition that held off Las Vegas’s bid to pump water out of the Great Basin

This week on In the Hive we continue our look at water in Utah and the West. For 31 years, a battle

The future of a contentious water pipeline in Southern Utah

Today on In the Hive we’re checking in on the status of the proposed Lake Powell pipeline, which would move water some

Inequitable exposure to air pollution in local schools, and the data on pandemic air quality

This week on In the Hive, a new study from the University of Utah highlights unequal exposure to air pollution for school

18 years later, Green River pipeline proposal resurfaces at Utah legislature

Today on In the Hive we dive deep on one bill under consideration in the waning days of the 2020 Utah legislative

Concurrent Resolution opposing the introduction of wolves clears legislative committee

(KCPW News) A state legislative committee has advanced a resolution opposing the introduction of wolves in Utah. On Monday, Morgan Republican Rep. Logan

Tier 3 fuels and air quality along the Wasatch Front

Three of Utah’s five refineries are now producing Tier 3 gasoline – gasoline that has a lower sulphur content than other fuels.