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Nature Conservancy Scientist Warns of Energy Sprawl

While clean energy technology can revolutionize the nation’s power supply and economy, exactly where that power is developed is key to preventing

Salt Lake Among Most ‘Toxic’ Cities, Group Wants More Clean Air Legislation

A “dirty” label has been attached to Salt Lake City by Forbes magazine. The publication ranked Utah’s capital city as the ninth

Politics Up Close: Peaceful Uprising’s Ashley Anderson

After two years of delays, Tim DeChristopher was just convicted on two federal charges for disrupting an oil and gas lease auction

Tim DeChristopher Guilty

Environmental activist Tim DeChristopher has been found guilty of disrupting a federal oil and gas lease auction in December, 2008. DeChristopher bid

New Forbes Ranking Not As Likely to Please Utah Leaders

State leaders celebrated last year when Forbes ranked Utah number one in the country for business. But they won’t be celebrating a

Fredd Krupp Delivers Nature of Things Keynote Lecture

Fred Krupp, President of the Environmental Defense Fund, delivered the keynote lecture of the 2011 Nature of Things series on March 2

Lawmakers Pass Bill To Limit Environmental Lawsuits Vs. State

A bill aimed at limiting environmental lawsuits against the state by requiring those filing suit to take out a kind of insurance

Proposed E-Waste Recycling Program Rejected

Electronics are the fastest growing waste stream in Utah, but a bill aimed at curbing this trend was shot down by lawmakers

Resolution Calls for Delisting Wolves

One Utah lawmaker is declaring war on wolves. Republican Senator Allen Christensen says the predators have been federally protected for too long,

Becker: We’ll be Skeptical, Vigilant on Pipeline

Salt Lake City and County leaders were taken by surprise when the federal government gave Chevron the green light to re-start its