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How recycling works (and how it doesn’t)

Today on In the Hive, we take a deep dive into the blue bin. Generally, your curbside recycling gets hauled away by

The role of urban trails in transportation and recreation along the Wasatch Front

Across much of the Wasatch Front, there’s a system of urban trails – often paved, sometimes not, that weave through neighborhoods and

Salt Lake City mayoral primary focusing on environmental issues

On Thursday, August 1st, KCPW aired a primary debate between the eight candidates vying to become mayor of Utah’s capital city. The

Unquenchable 2: Quagga Mussels’ Threat to Utah Water

Correction: We refer to Glen Canyon National Recreational Area as Glen Canyon National Park. Recreational areas specifically surround reservoirs and are generally

Mayor Jackie Biskupski on her decision to sue over the Utah Inland Port

We’re featuring a conversation with Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski about her decision to sue over the Utah Inland Port. Biskupski

The beehive state is a hotspot for bees, but most don’t live in hives

It was inevitable that with a show called “In the Hive” we’d have an episode dedicated to bees. But it turns out

House approves measure to create more UTA free fare days

(KCPW News) One way to reduce air pollution in Utah: get more people riding public transit. One way to get more people

The legacy of the Legacy Parkway, where a ban on heavy trucks is set to expire

Right now, you can’t drive a heavy truck, like a diesel semi, on the Legacy Parkway in Davis County. But the prohibition

House passes resolution on maintaining Great Salt Lake water levels

(KCPW News) [AUDIO AFTER BREAK] If the Great Salt Lake dries up much more than it already has, the consequences could be

Lessons from the inland port experience of Elwood, Illinois

A recent article in The New Republic recounts the story of the development of North America’s largest inland port. The small town