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Stop the presses. Utah’s two oldest and largest newspapers to print once a week

“Stop the presses” is a phrase from the heyday of newspaper journalism that referred to a temporary pause on printing for a

The VP debate, a presidential poll, a senator’s comments on ‘rank democracy,’ and fact-checking coronavirus misinformation 

This past week, Utah hosted the only vice presidential debate of the 2020 election; a new poll found President Trump has a

Former GOP lawmaker’s new project? Starting a mushroom-based religion

On this episode of “In the Hive,” we have a conversation with former GOP state lawmaker Steve Urquhart, who served 16 years in

The origin and aftermath of a powerful windstorm

Where did this week’s powerful windstorm come from? What caused it? Just how destructive was it? We hear from a National Weather

Tracking the spread of coronavirus through the sewers

On this episode of “In the Hive” we look at a novel method for detecting coronavirus – but one that has nothing

Community Curiosity: Tracking the origins and evolution of COVID-19

For this edition of Community Curiosity, we’re calling an audible, and answering a question of our own. With some viral (pun intended)

Front Lines of COVID-19: How little is known about this ‘diabolical’ new virus

A medical crisis response team from Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare is in New York City helping in hospitals stretched to their limits because

KCPW Presents: The Front Lines of COVID-19

This week on KCPW Presents, our reporting staff collected stories from a few people on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Caring for your mental health during a public health crisis

In the midst of a global pandemic we feature three conversations with local experts about the impact this surreal moment in history

Concurrent Resolution opposing the introduction of wolves clears legislative committee

(KCPW News) A state legislative committee has advanced a resolution opposing the introduction of wolves in Utah. On Monday, Morgan Republican Rep. Logan