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Senator Lee Threatens to Shut Down the Government Over Obamacare

(KCPW–July 23. 2013)  The Affordable Care Act has been a thorn in the side of republicans since it was passed in the

Cleaning Utah’s Air

(July 22, 2013)  The Utah Air Conservation Act sunsets this year, meaning it has to be reauthorized by congress during the next

A Bill Banning Federal Officers from Enforcing Laws on Public Lands is Repealed

(KCPW–July 18, 2013)  A bill that would have stopped federal agents, such as BLM and Forest Service officers, from enforcing laws including

A Program that Helps Blind Youth Develop Skills to Succeed

(KCPW–July 17, 2013)  Over 60% of adults who are blind in the US are unemployed. While the numbers are not known in

Helping Animals Find Homes

(KCPW–July 15, 2013)  Tens of thousands of animals are killed every year in city and county shelters throughout Utah. Best Friends Animal

Political Cornflakes: Moab Uranium Tailings, Immigration and Unlikely Allies in NSA Scandal

(KCPW News) The US House of Representatives passed legislation allotting more money to relocate Moab’s radioactive uranium tailings. But will that money

Earthquake Risk in the Salt Lake Valley

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science–July 11, 2013)  You wouldn’t know it from experience, but the Wasatch Front is one of the most seismically

Finding Access to Legal Aid in Utah

(KCPW–July 9, 2013)  Most people find themselves in need of legal help sometime in their lives. The reasons can range from navigating

A New Website Helps Track Political Donations

(KCPW–July 8, 2013)  A good government non-profit group has created a website that makes it easy to see who is donating to

The Utah House Votes to Investigate Attorney General John Swallow

(KCPW–July 3, 2013)  A special session of the house was convened Wednesday and by a 69 to 3 vote, the House voted