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Sandstrom: Not Watering Down My Bill

Responding to concerns about the cost and resources it would take to enforce his anti-illegal immigration bill, Republican Representative Stephen Sandstrom unveiled

State Handgun Bill Almost to Governor’s Desk

The M1911 handgun will likely be Utah’s official firearm, after a bill designating it as a state symbol passed the Senate this

LGBT Advocates Angered by Senator’s Vote

Some in the LGBT community are furious over Democratic Senator Pat Jones’ vote against a bill that would have allowed same-sex couples

Salt Lake City Concerned about Cost of Immigration Bill

A new analysis from the Utah Legislature estimates a bill aimed at catching undocumented immigrants would cost local cities and counties in

Amendment Would Bar Lobbyists from Holding Seat in Legislature

A proposed constitutional amendment would leave one Utah lawmaker without a seat on Capitol Hill. Republican Representative Paul Ray wants to ban

Anti-Fee Bill Picks Up Steam

The Utah House of Representatives delivered good news today for unincorporated Salt Lake County residents who are sick of paying a fee

Teen Driver Cell Phone Ban Returns to Legislature

Utah teens would be doing a lot less talking on the road, under a bill that cleared a Senate committee yesterday. Senate

Senate Passes Big Changes to Independent Commissions

Utah Senate lawmakers voted today to limit the role of two independent state commissions tasked with reviewing tax policy and constitutional revisions.

Resolution Urges Congress to Act on Immigration, or Give Authority to States

Several bills in the Utah legislature this year aim to deal with illegal immigration on the state level. And lawmakers in one

DABC Braces for Store Closures

Proposed cuts to the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control would close four state liquor and wine stores, six independently-operated package agencies,