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Politics Up Close: SLC Councilman Luke Garrott

Downtown Salt Lake City Councilman Luke Garrott is not afraid to be the lone voice of opposition on the council. When others

Politics Up Close: Common Core Standards Controversy

The State Board of Education has apparently earned the wrath of some Republican state lawmakers by adopting the Common Core Standards. It’s

Chaffetz Against Gun Ban Near Federal Officials

Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz is against a proposal to make it illegal to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of a federal

Lawmaker Says Bill Would Stop Taxation Without Representation

A mistake in legislative boundaries could lead to a tax break for some Utah County residents. State Representative John Dougall’s district includes

Special Session Gets Little Support from Either Party

With less than two weeks until the legislative session starts, the future of House District 57 in Utah County remains uncertain. Republican

Ashbrook Calls Out Intolerant, Violent Rhetoric

We are at the river’s edge. That’s what Tom Ashbrook, the host of NPR’s On Point, writes following the Arizona tragedy

Rep. Finds He Doesn’t Live in Own District, But That Could Change

A Republican state lawmaker has abruptly found himself out of a job, after learning he doesn’t actually live in the legislative district

Bishop Wary of Defense Cuts

Utah Congressman Rob Bishop says the Pentagon should reconsider slashing the defense budget. Speaking on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, the Republican said he

Politics Up Close: Wilderness Debate

A new federal wilderness policy has stirred passionate debate in Utah. We heard opposing arguments from Peter Metcalf from Black Diamond

Politics Up Close: Expectations for New Congress

We spoke with Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz about his expectations for the new GOP-controlled House.