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The future of a contentious water pipeline in Southern Utah

Today on In the Hive we’re checking in on the status of the proposed Lake Powell pipeline, which would move water some

The push to cut funding for SLC police and how the City Council responded

Today on In the Hive, a local spotlight on a topic that has gained widespread national attention during this season of protest:

Black Lives Matter Utah founder Lex Scott on police reform and systemic racism

This week on In the Hive, a conversation with Lex Scott, founder of Black Lives Matter Utah, about the kinds of police

Inequitable exposure to air pollution in local schools, and the data on pandemic air quality

This week on In the Hive, a new study from the University of Utah highlights unequal exposure to air pollution for school

Public health, economic well-being and the debate over reopening

Today on In the Hive, we speak with the author of an article asking for less dismissiveness of those making careful arguments

Candidate Conversations: Democrat Kael Weston says the complicated makeup of District 2 suits him

Today on In the Hive we kick off a series of conversations with candidates running in the 2020 election. Kael Weston is

Utah lowers its coronavirus risk level, and a young trio of quarantine troubadours

This week on In the Hive we take a look at the state’s decision to lower the coronavirus risk level from red

The regional toll of an earlier pandemic, and coronavirus’s outsized impact on the Navajo Nation

Today on In the Hive we take a look back at how Utah experienced the 1918 Flu pandemic that killed as many

Policing during a pandemic and when staying home isn’t staying safe

Today on In the Hive, how the work of policing has changed in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Also, with police

COVID-19 science and health Q&A revisited. What have we learned in the past three weeks?

Three weeks ago we hosted a live Q-and-A on COVID-19. Today on In the Hive we revisit that conversation and speak again