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ClearWater Homes and Pioneer Park Neighborhood Renovations

Today we’re joined by Micah Peters and Matt Kidds of ClearWater Homes. We’ll talk about the need to have a thriving population living

The Bottom Line: Spillman Technologies CEO & President, Lance Clark

The Bottom Line (Air Date: May 27, 2014) – Lance Clark is the President and CEO of Spillman Technologies, based in Salt

5/23/14: Gay marriage win, PCMR loss, Medicaid snag

A federal judge says Utah must honor same-sex marriages performed while it was a legal practice in the state. Park City Mountain Resort loses in

UMOCA Executive Director Kristian Anderson on Contemporary Art in SLC

Today we visit with Kristian Anderson, the new(ish) Executive Director of the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, or UMOCA. A conversation about

Hinckley Institute Radio Hour: Importance of Civic Involvement

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air date: May 21, 2014) – For the University of Utah’s “Law Day”, a panel of Utah

The Bottom Line: Alliance Health, Founder & CEO, Jeff Smith

The Bottom Line (Air Date: May 20, 2014) – Jeff Smith is the Founder and CEO of Sandy, Utah-based Alliance Health.  Smith

5/16/14: Immigration, Snowbird, new cellphone rules

Snowbird ownership changes hands. No dialing or texting on a cellphone while driving and no more panhandling on freeway shoulders. Utah leaders urge

Previewing the Living Traditions Festival with Jesse Schaefer

Today on the show, we preview the 2014 Living Traditions Festival, which begins on Friday and runs through Sunday. We’ll speak with

Hinckley Institute Radio Hour: Change the ‘Utah Man’ Fight Song?

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air date: May 14, 2014) – Recently a debate has surfaced among the University of Utah community

Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 30: May 8

Former Gov. Huntsman mulls another run for President and urges the GOP to act on climate change, and a potential minimum rage