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Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 29: May 1

State Conventions, Gov. Herbert gets a new Chief of Staff, the Donald Sterling comments, and producer Elisabeth Dee’s last show before returning

5/9/14: No Parade for Mormon Gay Allies, U. Song, Baby Deaths, Rally at Recapture Canyon

The Days of ‘47 Parade denies a request by Mormons Building Bridges to participate in Utah’s largest parade, calling the group controversial. University of

The Twilight Concert Series – with SLC Arts Council’s Karen Krieger

Today on the show we’re looking at what is probably downtown Salt Lake City’s most popular summer event: The Twilight Concert Series.

Hinckley Institute Radio Hour: Inquiry Into Complicity, Amos Guiora

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air date: May 7, 2014) – Professor Amos Guiora, a law professor at the University of Utah

5/2/2014: Tweet Controversy, New Liquor Law, UTOPIA, BLM and Streetcars

A state lawmaker’s tweet about the NAACP spurs outcry. A new law will allow Utah liquor licenses to be bought and sold. An Australian

The Bottom Line: Hirevue Founder & CEO, Mark Newman

The Bottom Line (Air Date: May 6, 2014) – Mark Newman is the Founder and CEO of Hirevue.  Newman talks about growing

Erin Mendenhall and Mike Johnson on the Live Green Festival and Sustainable Living

Today on the show we speak with city council member and Breathe Utah policy director Erin Mendenhall, and with Redirect Guide publisher

Hinckley Institute Radio Hour: 2-Minute Speech Competition

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air date: Apr. 30, 2014) – Each semester the Hinckley Institute of Politics offers a political forums

The Bottom Line: Goal Zero Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Robert Workman

The Bottom Line (Air Date: April 29, 2014) – Robert Workman is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Utah-based Goal Zero.

Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 28: April 24

A showdown over public lands, State conventions, education elections becoming partisan and the Jazz will have a new coach Podcast: Play in