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Hatch’s “Dumb-Ass” Remark Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch helped Utah State University’s student newspaper get a lot of attention this week. The senator was recently quoted

PAC Website Indicates Potential Huntsman Strategy

A political action committee associated with former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has launched its new website. But you won’t find Huntsman’s name

Is Sleeping at Work a Tax Crime?

A complaint against Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz about his practice of sleeping in his congressional office led to an attack this week

Chaffetz Defends PATRIOT Vote, Hatch Talks to Tea Party

A vote to re-authorize parts of the PATRIOT Act split Utah’s congressional delegation this week. Representative Rob Bishop voted no, while both

Huntsman’s $$, Caucus of Three, & Bishop’s Wardrobe

If former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman intends to run for President now that he’s stepping down as Ambassador to China, he’ll most

Hatch Aligns with Lee, Chaffetz on Budget Committee

Newly elected Utah Senator Mike Lee is joining Utah’s Senior Senator, Orrin Hatch, on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Hatch himself made the

Huntsman’s Plans, Bipartisan Seating, & Hatch/Chaffetz Rivalry

Former Utah Governor and now-Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman earned some ribbing from President Obama this week, when the president joked that