CityViews 12/15/11: To Caucus or Not to Caucus


Segment 1:

A simmering debate over how political candidates are nominated in Utah is bubbling over into editorial pages, the blogosphere and now the radio waves. Do you think the state’s current caucus system is working?


  • Morgan Lyon Cotti, Utah Foundation
  • Rep. Jim Nielson
  • Sheryl Allen, former state legislator and lieutenant governor candidate

The Utah Foundation report “Nominating Candidates: The Politics and Process of Utah’s Unique Convention and Primary System” is the topic of a luncheon/discussion tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 16. More information at 801-410-0355.



Segment 2:

Attention all birders! It’s time for the annual Christmas Bird Count and more than two dozen groups are gathering to count our fine-feathered friends starting this weekend.


  •  Steven Slater, Conservation Director, Hawkwatch International
  • Caroline Goldman, Executive Director, Hawkwatch International
  1. JNP


    Miriam writes:

    Didn’t get a chance to say my last point, which is:

    Low voter turnout is both because people won’t get involved, but a know a WHOLE LOT of people who haven’t, and won’t, because their really really won’t mean anything. This is be an even greater problem next year due to redistricting. How many Democrats will even stand a chance of winning? So how many Democrats will bother to vote?