CityViews 2/15/12: The Dark Side of Tanning



Segment 1:

We dream of basking in the sun during the winter months, but tanning – say doctors – has a much darker side: disfigurement, addiction and skin cancer. A bill being considered by the Utah legislature would restrict minors from using tanning beds altogether. On Wednesday, we’ll talk about what the research shows about the health risks of tanning.


  • MaryAnn Gerber, Sol Survivors
  • Dr. Robert Andtbacka, Huntsman Cancer Institute
  • Joe Levy, Smart Tan



Segment 2:  Tree Trouble

From bugs to fungus to disease, trees are struggling in Salt Lake City. Urban forester Bill Rutherford joins us to talk about the problems and possible solutions.


  • Bill Rutherford, Salt Lake City Urban Forester
For more information on urban forestry and tree maintenance please click here.