CityViews 6/19/12: Parenting LGBT Children the Mormon Way/Studying the Evolution of Cells


Segment 1:

When a child comes out as LGBT, it can be hard on a religious family. For Mormon parents, a gay child may challenge their LDS beliefs and shake family ties. For LGBT youth, rejection from parents can lead to isolation, depression and suicide. A new booklet aims to help Mormon parents love gay children while adhering to their faith and on Tuesday, we’ll talk with the authors of the guide which advocates understanding over condemnation.




Segment 2:

How have we evolved on the cellular level to fight disease? One University of Utah geneticist is looking into the intersection of evolutionary genetics and cell biology for answers and a new award from the Pew Charitable Trusts will help fund his research. On Tuesday, we learn more about the role of pathogens in natural selection and what this may mean for finding cures.


  • Dr. Nels Elde, Assistant Professor of Human Genetics, University of Utah