CityViews 8/20/12: Rivers on the Rebound/Coexisting with the Utah Prairie Dog


Segment 1:

Historically, America’s rivers have been developed, polluted and neglected. But scholar Dan McCool asserts that the nation’s waterways are returning to a healthier, free-flowing condition, thanks to concerned citizens and grassroots activism. On Monday, McCool joins us to talk about his latest book, “River Republic: The Fall and Rise of America’s Rivers.”


  • Dan McCool, professor of political science, University of Utah



Segment 2:

Utah prairie dogs like to burrow underneath the runway at the Parowan airport and dig into coffins at the Paragonah City Cemetery. Some residents want to shoot the pests on sight, but the Utah prairie dog is an endangered species, with a population less than 40,000. Earlier this month, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released new rules clarifying how prairie dogs can be controlled. On Monday, we’ll talk about the new rules and how humans and the critters can peacefully co-exist.


  • Laura Romin, Deputy Field Supervisor, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Parowan City Councilman Dennis Gaede