The Daily Buzz from Sundance: Day 9 (2/6/20)

Hear from two Sundance films and two Slamdance films this episode. Filmmakers Jason Loftus and Eric Pedicelli expose the story of a former Chinese insider and how he was held at a brainwashing camp in ASK NO QUESTIONS. We also talk to filmmaker Heather Young and producer Martha Cooley about MURMUR, the Slamdance special jury award winner for narrative feature. The film about a lonely older woman who adopts animals to ease her solitude features Shan MacDonald in her first role. Nanette Burstein stops by to tell us about HILLARY, a mini-series that will be available on HULU about Hillary Rodham Clinton. And Sundance vet Jeff Orlowski (CHASING ICE, CHASING CORAL) speaks with us about his new documentary, THE SOCIAL DILEMMA, with subject Tristan Harris from theCenter for Humane Technology.