Citizens Science and Wasatch Wildlife

01/31/2019 all-day America/Denver Timezone
Patagonia Outlet
2292 South Highland Dr
Salt Lake City
Bob Brister
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In the Central Wasatch Range is one of the most highly recreated public lands in the United States and serves as an oasis for wildlife. Expanding human development has the potential to diminish Utah’s rich inheritance of wildlife, which would impact both recreational and economic opportunities. Wild Utah Project collaborated with the University of Utah to initiate the Central Wasatch Mammal Trail Camera Study to understand the current condition of the Wasatch’s wildlife populations, habitats, and responses to human development. The Study relies on the participation of over 100 Citizen Scientists to gather data from remotely-triggered trail cameras placed throughout the Wasatch. From wild turkeys to cougars, Dr. Mary Pendergast will share wildlife images collected this summer, along with the successes of partnering with Citizen Scientists and agencies, and how this study can make a difference for the management and conservation of the Wasatch’s wildlife.
Dr. Mary Pendergast is an ecologist working for Wild Utah Project. She specializes in biological analyses for and with state and federal agencies, local working groups, and other nonprofit organizations. Dr. Pendergast also engages in and oversees data collection efforts such as citizen science programs. She received her Ph.D. from Utah State University in Biology and Community Ecology. Photo credit: The University of Utah Biodiversity and Conservation Ecology Lab and Wild Utah Project