Queers Divest, intersectional movements and legalizing same-sex marriage in Utah

Today on the show: At the end of May 2018, LGBTQ activists sent a letter to the Utah Pride Center asking for two items: that the Center divest from Wells Fargo and Chase Bank and revoke their entries in the Pride Parade; and also to re-examine the Center’s board-appointment practices to address a perceived lack of diversity among its members. Lauren Wood from the Queers Divest initiative talks about what the group hopes to accomplish; Ella Blanchard from the LGBT Resource Center and Irene Ota from the College of Social Work at the University of Utah discuss building an inclusive and intersectional movement within the LGBTQ community–and why the LGBTQ “community” shouldn’t be considered as a monolithic group; and a new documentary looks at the story behind the story of legalizing same-sex marriage in Utah through the Kitchen v. Herbert case. “Church & State” co-director Holly Tuckett talks about why it was important for her to tell the story of activist Mark Lawrence and also to explore the depth of the LDS Church’s involvement in Utah politics.

“Church & State” will be at The Broadway Centre Theatre in Salt Lake City July 13-20.