Legislative Magazine Article Highlights Utah Immigration Bills

(KCPW News) The immigration bills passed by the legislature this session could set the stage for what several other states aim to do in the future. Republican Senator Curt Bramble, the sponsor of what is being called the comprehensive approach to immigration, says national immigration panels, conferences, and media outlets have been reaching out to see what Utah is working on.

“In the last few weeks there have been several members of the national media that have contacted myself or other senators asking for updates on what we’re doing,” says Bramble. “Apparently there are members of the national media who have been following the immigration reform efforts of Utah.”

This month several Utah lawmakers were highlighted in special report published by the National Conference of State Legislatures, which asked the question, “Can Utah’s approach to immigration offer a way forward for other states?”

Senator Bramble says by the time the session is done, the answer will be yes.

“We’ve been contacted by other states,” he says. “The reality is that every state has an issue with an illegal alien population. We don’t have good tools to deal with it. The fact that the federal government has failed leaves states with a real challenge, and how do you deal with it in a compassionate way, respecting the rule of law, but recognizing the reality of the situation?”

Brambles SB 288, which includes an enforcement component and a guest worker program, will be debated next on the Senate floor.

  1. Brittanicus

    Stop Complaining?

    Use blue pages in your phone book, to locate your Utah State Representative and bombard them about their unconcerned attitude towards illegal immigration and massive hundred billion costs and your spiraling taxes to support them.. NumbersUSA has answers for their million plus person membership and where you can send free faxes

  2. Brittanicus

    “Give me your tired, your poor”–except now the tired and poor are draining the safety-net for US citizens and Residents? Except back at the time of active Ellis Island there was no welfare and their was no need for immigration restrictions. Hey! But Utah is open to occupation as they have just passed a law, to bring in Guest Workers from another corrupt province south of the border. So all those illegal aliens that are dismayed with the State of Arizona policing laws, are leaving and going elsewhere? MANY STATES THAT HAS NO EFFECTIVE POLICING LAWS will also become an unaware target. Conversely, those States who are mandating the federal E-Verify computer data-bases operated by the Social Security and (ICE) Immigration and Custom Services to qualify true US workers will not be swamped with foreigners.

    Most States never hear the truth of the illegal alien importation, as the politicians are in collusion with businesses and other special interest. The Leftist press never reveals any of the facts about the assault on our traditions and society, using the race card if we make waves. If we offer negative dialogue about the invasion we are labeled bigots. While all the time “tired and poor” Americans are being crippled by higher taxes, to pay for the education, medical care and a other public programs. Now foreign nationals can skedaddle over to Utah as the Legislators are welcoming them. If they don’t fancy Utah, the Sanctuary State of California still has a wide open welfare system, so they can start feeding off the taxpayers there. All these people need is a bogus Social Security number and Drivers license to collect hand-full’s of money and Democrat Governor Jerry Brown will leach that extra money from taxes or cut spending to legal residents.

    In soft States the politicians will give out Section 8 housing, taken away from Senior Citizens who have worked all their lives. Never mind that these persons come to American penniless and the females have a 14th Amendment citizenship infant, requiring no insurance and burdening the emergency rooms—because the Liberal Court system mandated it. Guaranteeing the State taxpayers will subsidize the low income housing and all public services. The more children they conceive, the more cash payments they can accumulate. Texas lawmakers are suddenly feeling guilty of these reoccurring financial circumstances, because they too have been flooded for decades with a part of the 20 million foreigners from all parts of the world. California is the perfect place to inhabit, even though they a facing massive cutbacks in their economy, as they have a 24 billion dollars deficit.

    Nevada is hurting economically as well, as that State is overpopulated by illegal aliens with their families. The majority of other regions are painfully aware, that they too maybe visited by illegal squatters. Billions of dollars are going overseas and into Latin America from illegal labor here, to their families. The majority of phone books have a government listing of both federal and State lawmakers, who you can contact. This country is in deep trouble from public entitlements, especially from the free handouts nationwide to illegal persons. Take a few minutes from the pizza and football, to call your Representatives or join a local TEA PARTY. Your voice is a powerful ally in this unceasing issue and you need to understand future consequences. NumbersUSA is a formidable advocate against any anti-sovereignty, pro-illegal immigration and overpopulation. It also has clickable links to many resources and a free faxing buffet, to communicate your frustration and opinion to those in Washington