Huntsman Questioned on Cap-and-Trade Support

(KCPW News) Presidential candidate and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman reiterated his support for a controversial plan to transform Medicare over the weekend. Speaking to Florida Republicans in Sarasota County, he referred to the nation’s growing debt as a “cancer.” Later, he took questions from the audience, including one Republican who wanted to know about Huntsman’s past support of cap and trade. The former governor said four or five years ago, almost every governor was talking about it, but now…

“…It is not viable. Today, what we must do is ensure that the pathway to growth and job creation is unhindered,” he said. “Cap-and-trade was left behind, I’m not sure it’s ever going to be reintroduced because we will have left it behind and technologies will be developed over time. Right now our priority is economic expansion and jobs.”

Huntsman supported cap and trade when he ran for re-election as Utah governor in 2008.

When later asked about immigration, Huntsman pointed to a different country as a success story.

“Why is that Canada is doing well economically? Why is it that the housing market in Vancouver is doing well, probably the best housing market in the world? Legal immigration,” said Huntsman. “People are buying up assets, and it’s taking what were undervalued assets and moving them up in the marketplace.”

But when discussing illegal immigration, Huntsman emphasized securing the border first, much like his Republican colleagues. His speech was carried by C-SPAN.