Salt Lake County Animal Services Celebrates Two Years as “Best of State”

(KCPW News) Salt Lake County Animal Services is being honored for its work.  For the last two years, the shelter was awarded “Best in State” and Thursday it held an event to celebrate. Dana Layton, CEO of Best of State, says the judging was based on several categories.

“Fifty percent of the points that judges are allowed to allocate are based on the overall excellence of their services or product,” Layton says. “Thirty percent is based on creativity and innovation because we wanted reward businesses who are thinking outside the box, who are not just doing the standard and twenty percent  is based on how the organization gives back to the community.”

Salt Lake Animal Services achieved “no kill” status in 2011. Division Director, April Harris, says that was thanks to several new programs that recruited people to adopt animals.

“We had a pitbull issue back in 2009 so we developed the “pit crew” program,” Harris says.  ” It offers free spay and neuter to pit bull owners, it focus on getting pit bulls that come into the shelter out as quickly as possible and it offers training to owners who are maybe struggling with their pit bulls and behavior issues.”

Salt Lake County Animal Services will launch a new media campaign to increase awareness about their services later this week.